Conservative rocker Ted Nugent has served up a series of harsh truths to graduating students in a candid online essay, warning readers to "get used" to the fact that "life is not fair". Conservative …
MYTWINTIERS · 5/26/2015
Ted Nugent
That breathtakingly wrong accusation sounded downright bizarre coming from a man who has palled around and played bass guitar on his former Fox News TV show with heavy-metal rocker Ted Nugent, who is hardly known for gospel tunes. Now Huck …
Henderson Daily Dispatch · 3 hours ago
Mike Huckabee
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Oh well, I'm over it, and also over True Detective star Vince Vaughn, who is auditioning to become the next Ted Nugent, I think. In his interview for British GQ, Vaughn bravely stood for guns everywhere -- in schools, on … · 1 day ago
It’s a little curious that Huckabee is perfectly fine with defending a person who has actually molested children, and is perfectly fine with rocking out with Ted Nugent (who writes songs about handcuffing “jailbait” …
The Frisky · 1 day ago
Mike Huckabee
The best Ted Nugent songs will be with us long after any controversy over his political views or latest inflammatory quotes have faded away. In a recording career that has lasted nearly 50 years now, the Motor City Madman has blended the distorted garage ...
Ultimate Classic Rock · 4/14/2013
Jill Kirwin of Reno wrote a letter to the editor: “Just saw in the RGJ that Ted Nugent is coming to the Silver Legacy (Aug. 31). Just a little information for all the gun toting NRA members, Support Our Troops, America’s the Greatest, Republican ...
RGJ · 8/24/2013
Ted Nugent sure knows how to stir controversy. The rock star turned provocateur has never shied away from controversy, from singing about having sex with underage girls in "Jailbait" to calling people names. In case you missed it, Nugent's most recent rant ...
CNN · 2/28/2014
To some Republican activists, he’s a celebrity defender of the Second Amendment who rallies the base like the rock star he once was. To Democrats and mainstream Republicans, he’s a sexual “predator,” an affront to families and a flamethrower with ...
Politico · ByKatie Glueck · 2/21/2014
There’s no shortage of manufactured outrage in the political world, but sometimes the outrage is utterly warranted. What Ted Nugent said about President Obama is so far beyond the pale that it needs to be called out. The more interesting question is ...
FOX News · 2/21/2014
Longtime rocker Ted Nugent speaks to a crowd of Greg Abbott supporters during a campaign stop in Wichita Falls, Texas on Feb. 18, 2014. (Photo: Torin Halsey AP) TACOMA, Wash. -- Emerald Queen Casino will cancel two Ted Nugent concerts that were …
USA Today · 7/24/2014
Ted Nugent
Theodore Anthony "Ted" Nugent is an American rock musician from Detroit, Michigan. Nugent initially gained fame …
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