Conservative rocker Ted Nugent on Tuesday lashed out at what he called liberal “a gang of punks” on the Internet for accusing him of being a draft dodger, a racist, and a pedophile. On Tuesday edition of Newsmax’s Mid-point, Nugent explained how ...
Raw Story · ByDavid Edwards · 2/10/2015
Yes, it’s true. When I was a teenager in the 1970s, I was a big fan of Ted Nugent. I was not only 20 years pre-transition, I had all of the political and social consciousness you’d expect of a 15-year-old. I had all of Nugent’s albums, posters of him ...
Advocate · 7/30/2014
Until last week, Ted Nugent was best known as a rock musician, a bow hunter, and an ardent supporter of gun rights. But his recent description of President Barack Obama as a "subhuman mongrel" eclipsed all of that, especially at a time when he has ...
Politi Fact · 2/27/2014
Ted Nugent, the gun-loving, bow-hunting rocker whose staunch defense of Second Amendment rights and inflammatory insults of President Obama have made him a hero with many conservatives, will attend the president’s State of the Union address on …
The New York Times · ByJeremy W. Peters · 2/11/2013
After a planned Aug. 4 concert at Idaho's Coueur D'Alene Casino was canceled over his "racist views," Ted Nugent is firing back at his "haters." The conservative rocker says his vehement support of the Second Amendment is behind the cancellation, not his ...
Billboard · 7/24/2014
Ted Nugent, the gun-toting rocker with a big mouth, has done it again. His latest rant, not surprisingly, is about his favorite target, Barack Obama. This is what he recently told Barack Obama is a “Chicago communist-raised, communist ...
Bernard Goldberg · 2/22/2014
[3] Quick, name one other host on Outdoor Channel. [4] Fact: James Fenimore Cooper subscribes to MLive! * Ted Nugent has been named the official Ambassador of Outdoor Channel! [5] *Ted Nugent Kamp for Kids celebrated its 25th year June 8th in Omaha!
The Village Voice Blogs · 10/13/2013
(CBS News) CHINA SPRINGS, Texas -- Rocker and controversial political activist Ted Nugent is known for his fiery remarks. And he lived up to his reputation in an interview with "CBS This Morning," taking strong exception to an observation that he's not a ...
CBS News · ByJeff Glor · 5/4/2012
With the amount of news Kanye West has been making of late, it seems like everyone one has an opinion to share. The latest is Ted Nugent, the traditionally outspoken classic rocker. Nugent’s hot take isn’t as controversial as some of his other stances ... · 3/4/2015
Imagine your favorite uncle. The crazy, sorta racist one who’s a Vietnam vet, who tells you a bunch of endearingly bizarre stories every Thanksgiving and occasionally sends you all-caps emails about the Obama Decepticon and the importance of investing …
Noisey · 8/15/2013
Ted Nugent
Theodore Anthony "Ted" Nugent is an American rock musician from Detroit, Michigan. Nugent initially gained fame …
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