A federal judge denied bond on Friday to a white Texas man charged with punching an elderly black man ... Prosecutors said Barrett made the video for a “knockout game” where attackers try to knock out a person with a single punch and then post a ...
New York Post · 12/29/2013
A white Texas man who ... He was charged with a hate crime and convicted. In the video, Barrett approaches the then-79-year-old Coleman and says, “How you doin’?” before punching him in the face. Barrett then says, “Knockout!”
Raw Story · 11/21/2015
The Department of Justice has charged a Katy, Texas man who participated in the “knockout game” with a federal hate crime. On Thursday, federal officials announced that they arrested and charged 27-year-old Conrad Alvin Barrett — a white man — with ...
The Daily Caller · ByCaroline May · 8/12/2013
was charged with a hate crime. Court documents showed that the Texas man had choice views on African-Americans as his phone was filled with videos laden with “racist remarks, slurs and stereotypes” in addition to discussion of the knockout game itself.
Vibe · 10/20/2015
EXIT STRATEGIES: Does Iowa turn into a knockout blow for more bottom-tier candidates ... While most candidates were planting themselves in New Hampshire, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz has stops Tuesday in both New …
KFVS12 · 2/1/2016
Iowa caucuses
A man from Katy, Texas ... charged with violating the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act. On Nov. 24, 2013, he attacked the elderly African-American man because of the man’s race and color in what Barrett called a …
FBI · 6/30/2015
NEWARK, N.J. (AP) - Anthony "Rumble" Johnson pounced on Ryan Bader and finished the light heavyweight bout with a series of ground strikes to win by knockout in ... WFPD the driver has been charged with DWI, while... The North Texas Area United …
NEWSCHANNEL6 · 1/31/2016
UFC bout
The Justice Department's decision to charge a white man with a federal hate crime for a "knockout game"-style attack against a ... a detailed set of evidence Thursday in charging Katy, Texas, man Conrad Alvin Barrett, 27, with a hate crime.
FOX News · 12/27/2013
A Houston-area man who knocked out an African-American senior was sentenced to almost six years in federal prison Friday. Conrad Alvin Barrett, 29, punched a 79-year-old man to the ground in November, 2013 in Katy, Texas. According to the U.S.
Opposing Views · 10/18/2015
A white guy in Texas ... man in the jaw, so of course he gets charged with a hate crime, because he's white. White people are always the victims. Also: the perpetrator allegedly used a slur and talked about attacking a black guy. Happily, the "knockout ...
The Wire · 12/26/2013