A vast collection of Timothy Leary files, much of it previously unpublished, is being made public for the first time today at the New York Public Library, which purchased the materials from the LSD guru’s estate in 2011. The archive ‘is the missing ...
Daily Mail · 9/18/2013
NEW YORK (AP) — A trove of Timothy Leary files, much of it previously unpublished, could shed new light on the LSD guru, his controversial research into psychedelic drugs and the emergence of the ’60s counterculture. The New York Public Library ...
ABQJournal · 9/18/2013
What a way to spend the spring: The (New York Public Library) Manuscripts and Archives Division is offering an (unpaid) internship to aid the Digital and Project Archivists for the Timothy Leary Papers for the Spring 2013 term to students from a Master’s ...
Boing Boing (blog) · ByDavid Pescovitz · 2/5/2013
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NEW YORK — Timothy Leary's acid-tinged musings – more than 300 boxes stuffed with papers, notes and other archival nuggets – are being made publicly available for the first time courtesy of the New York Public Library, which purchased the material in ...
Mass Live The Republican · ByConor Berry · 9/18/2013
NEW YORK – The New York Public Library announced Thursday that it has acquired the papers of LSD guru Timothy Leary, who coined the phrase "turn on, tune in, drop out." The 335 boxes of papers, videotapes, photographs and other Leary artifacts will ...
FOX News · 6/16/2011
The world can now tune in to Timothy Leary's previously unpublished exchanges on the merits of drug use with the likes of Allen Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac and Aldous Huxley after the New York Public Library has made his private archive public for the first time.
Daily Telegraph · 9/18/2013
Psychedelic pioneer, former Harvard professor, Thanksgiving goose-cooker, ubiquitous college dorm name-to-drop, and all-around tripped-out icon Timothy Leary's hoard of personal papers — some 300 boxes of 'em — just, er, mushroomed up at the New …
Esquire · 9/18/2013
In this 1950s photo provided by the New York Public Library, Timothy Leary gives a lecture on his first book, ‘Interpersonal Diagnosis of Personality.’ NEW YORK — A trove of Timothy Leary files, much of it previously unpublished, could shed new light ...
New York Daily News · 9/18/2013
The last words of the psychedelic psychologist Timothy Leary are said to have been the phrase “why not?” muttered over and over until he went over to whatever state of consciousness awaits the brain after a person’s final breaths. For a man who ... · 10/10/2013
Timothy Leary became a household name in the tumult of the 1960s ... as well as extensive notes, letters and papers. We talked about the theoretical games, the process of digital archiving, and the importance of making ephemeral data truly last.
Kotaku · 11/5/2013
timothy leary
Timothy Francis Leary (October 22, 1920 – May 31, 1996) was an American psychologist and writer, known for his …
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