His death is the latest in an unfortunate string of tragedies within the Lake Tahoe and Squaw Valley skiing community. Timy Dutton, a Lake Tahoe native and professional freeskiing master known by many as “Timy
Sierra Sun · 9/30/2015
Erik Roner
OLYMPIC VALLEY, Calif. — Whether he was launching into an epic skiing run or just hanging around the Squaw Valley community, you’d be hard-pressed to see Timy Dutton without that trademark toothy grin plastered on his face. “I never met such a ...
Tahoe Daily Tribune · 5/2/2014
A professional skier and parachuting enthusiast was killed in a freak skydiving accident in California earlier this week. Timy Dutton - known in the skiing world as 'Timy Backflip' - and several friends attempted an advanced jump at the Parachute Center in ...
Daily Mail · 5/1/2014
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Friends and family on Wednesday were mourning the death of professional skier Timy Dutton, who was killed while sky-diving in Acampo. Dutton, 27, of Squaw Valley, died in a midair collision with another sky diver after they jumped from an airplane about 1 ...
TheSacramento Bee · ByBill Lindelof · 5/1/2014
The parachutist who died in a dive over Lodi (San Joaquin County) was identified Wednesday as Timothy "Timy" Dutton, 27, an experienced skydiver and professional skier from Squaw Valley, authorities said. Dutton jumped from a plane that flew out of the ...
San Francisco Gate · 5/1/2014
According to officials, 27-year-old Timy Dutton died after a mid-air collision knocked him unconscious during a skydiving trip south of Sacramento. Dutton was a freestyle skiing champion and a member of the Squaw Valley free-ski team. Officials say Dutton ...
KTVN-TV · 5/1/2014
The FAA began an investigation Wednesday after Timy Dutton, 27, died Tuesday afternoon just one mile north of the Parachute Center in Acampo. Owner Bill Dause told FOX40 that Dutton collided with another sky diver before becoming unconscious.
FOX 40 · ByIan Mcdonald · 5/1/2014
Pay special attention to a couple of tributes in the video, one for Shane McConkey and one for Timy Dutton. Well played, Mr. Gaffney.
Freeskier Magazine · 9/11/2014
A skydiver was killed after a mid-air collision with another skydiver. According to the owner of Parachute Center, Timy Dutton and a friend were both experienced skydivers and jumped off a plane wearing wing suits.
Yahoo News · 10/2/2015
Steamboat Springs — Former Steamboat Ski Area marketing executive Andy Wirth described this week the harrowing ... he was on an outing with two professional skiers, JT Holmes and Timy Dutton. Wirth explained in his Facebook post how he missed his ...
Steamboat Today · 1/15/2014