In lieu of this week’s Cowboys mailbag, I have elected to offer a thorough, well researched answer for one email, rather than many short answers for many emails.I had to make a call, but I hope you are ok with the …
Dallas News · 15 minutes ago
Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo joined Twitter on Thursday and things seem to be picking up after a rather slow start. His first tweet was just his jersey number. 9 — Tony Romo (@tonyromo) May 15, 2015 His …
Washington Post · 5/15/2015
Tony Romo
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Tony Romo joined Twitter on Thursday night, which is something no athlete should ever do. Nonetheless, Romo has entered social media's Wild West. After tweeting out the number "9" as his first missive (a nod to his …
Bleacher Report · 5/15/2015
Tony Romo
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After a busy offseason and an exciting draft that has Tony Romo raving about the front office, the Dallas Cowboys launch into this week's three-day OTA at Valley Ranch having given themselves more overall depth than …
Scout Ranch Report · 2 hours ago
DALLAS, TX - FEBRUARY 11: Tony Romo of the Dallas Cowboys attends a game between the Utah Jazz and the Dallas Mavericks … Well, this is going to go swimmingly: Tony Romo, the Dallas Cowboys quarterback …
YAHOO · ByJay Busbee · 5/15/2015
Tony Romo
Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith discuss Cowboys QB Tony Romo's tweet about RB DeMarco Murray, who signed with the Eagles, in which he references the lyric "Where have you gone, Joe DiMaggio" from the …
ESPN · 5/21/2015
It looks like Tomy Romo's already got the hang of Twitter. The Cowboys quarterback joined the social media world late Thursday night. While his first tweet was one to forget — it contained only the number "9" and has …
Sporting News · 5/15/2015
Packers fans
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Jason Witten believes he and Tony Romo have four or five years left to play together. Coming into the 2015 NFL season, the Dallas Cowboys are an organization with a lot of questions, most of which involved the …
FanSided · 5/20/2015
Tony Romo
Tony Romo finally tweeted on Thursday night and posted a long-winded version of his plan for the Cowboys in the 2015 season. Nah, just kidding. He tweeted out the number “9.” You’re so mysterious, Tony. What …
Uproxx · 5/15/2015
Tony Romo
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The NFC East has always been the most intriguing division throughout NFL history. This division has been the single most successful division of all-time with a league leading 12 Super Bowl wins, no thanks to the …
The Latin Post · 5/15/2015
Eli Manning
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