The Pennsylvania Turnpike was turned into a parking lot after as many as ... A small car is crushed underneath a tractor trailor in a pile-up that involved as many as 100 vehicles. The total crash count is approaching 100 vehicles, with several hundred ...
New York Daily News · ByIrving Dejohn · 2/17/2014
It was an all-day mess on the Pennsylvania Turnpike with the road shut down for miles after two major pileups and several other wrecks in between. The crashes left dozens of drivers stranded in the cold. Up to 50 cars were involved in those pileups.
MyFox Philadelphia · ByBruce Gordon · 2/14/2014
TOLEDO, Ohio — Pileups on the Ohio Turnpike involving at least 50 vehicles killed three people and seriously injured a state trooper on Wednesday as a late-winter storm swept through the Midwest and the Northeast, ending a fleeting spring-like thaw. · 3/12/2014
MIAMI, OK — Ten negligent homicide charges were filed Monday in connection with a June 26 crash on the Will Rogers Turnpike that left 10 people dead. A misdemeanor arrest warrant was issued for Donald Leroy Creed, 76, of Willard, Mo., said Eddie …
Oklahoma News · BySheila Stogsdill · 9/22/2009
The eastbound Pennsylvania Turnpike near Bensalem was shut down for a large portion of the day yesterday as over 100 cars piled up along the highway. After the first accident occurred at 8:30am, the collisions continued, causing 30 people to be taken into ...
Gawker · 2/15/2014
The State Highway Patrol says unsafe speed and poor driving was to blame for a series of pileups that left three people dead on the Ohio Turnpike earlier this month. The patrol says it has finished its investigation and will turn the results over to a ...
WKBN · 3/30/2014
TOLEDO, Ohio (AP) — Traffic on the Ohio Turnpike is moving again where a massive traffic pileup left three people dead about halfway between Toledo and Cleveland. Toll-road officials say it will take days to clean up the tractor-trailers and debris left ... · 3/13/2014
The directive from Jamie Fox was issued Tuesday a day after the wreck occurred. Fox, who also serves as chairman of the New Jersey Turnpike Authority, said it would be "prudent" to conduct a thorough review of the accident. The review, Fox said, will look ...
North Jersey · 2/10/2015
TOLEDO, Ohio (AP) — Traffic on the Ohio Turnpike is moving again where ... Wednesday afternoon included two separate pileups. The victims included a truck driver from Illinois and 20-year-old Hannah Matheny of Parma who was in another car.
Courier · 3/13/2014
The Pennsylvania Turnpike between Bensalem and Willow Grove is expected ... after the area got about a foot of snow overnight leaving the roads slippery. The pileups, involving cars and trucks, stretch for nine miles and left 30 people injured.
Daily Mail · 2/14/2014