Beirut (AFP) - Syrian ... US President Barack Obama's comments earlier this month that Russia and Iran "recognise that the trend lines are not good for Assad." He rebuffed the statement, saying Iran, too, remained a …
Yahoo News · 1 day ago
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Russian President ... favor of the deal, as Sunni states fear the Shi’ite bomb, Teper continued. Furthermore, because of the accord, Russia has become concerned about losing its influence with Iran, which it sees …
The Jerusalem Post · 1 day ago
the recent Iranian nuclear deal has meant that Teheran is now able to play more of a constructive international role and it can certainly contribute to a political settlement in Syria, which it seems it wants to do. Hard fact …
Khaama Press · 7 hours ago
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Deutsche Welle, the German equivalent of the US NPR, put it more bluntly ... the moment Obama called for Assad to go. Russia and Iran have common stances over some issues in the Middle East, including Syria and …
Forex Report Daily · 8/23/2015
Lavrov was forceful in asserting Moscow’s commitment to its ties with Tehran and Russia’s rejection of unilateral US sanctions, including the so-called secondary sanctions, those affecting firms outside the United …
US News and World Report · 8/26/2015
In an interview with Hezbollah’s al-Manar television network, Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad praised Russian support for ... in their relationship with us,” Assad said. … He said the recent nuclear deal between … · 1 day ago
Moscow is hoping that its firms can benefit from the nuclear deal, which should see economic sanctions lifted on Tehran. Russia -- which along with ... swathes of territory in Iraq and Syria, expanding from a US-led …
7 News Yahoo · 8/15/2015
Foreign Minister
Al Assad was asked by Al Manar’s correspondent about US President Barack Obama’s comments earlier this month that Russia ... nuclear deal between Iran and world powers would strengthen Iran’s role internationally, in turn benefiting Syria.
Gulf News · 1 day ago
Firstly, although ISIS is fighting against Russia's erstwhile ally of the Syrian regime ... Firstly, it limits the overall power of the US at a time when the White House has to deal with political uncertainty in Ukraine, China …
Yahoo Finance · 8/25/2015
Assad has expressed 'strong confidence' that Moscow will continue supporting his regime [EPA] Syrian ... with Russia's policy, neither during the Soviet Union, nor during the time of Russia." Assad had been asked by …
Al JAZEERA · 1 day ago
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