Kerry's visit to Russia was the highest-level US trip to the country since the Ukraine crisis erupted. While the two sides are also looking to find some common ground on Syria and Iran's nuclear programme, there is …
Yahoo News · 5/19/2015
Ukraine deal
In light of this positioning, there are three arguments to consider about Russia's global position with respect to the potential deal: 1. Russia prefers an Iran under sanctions to an Iran that has economic ties with the US
The Business Insider · 5/18/2015
Iran needs to work closely with Russia on other fronts that are core issues for its national security – Syria, Yemen, Iraq and so on ... with Obama in the downstream of a nuclear deal when a US-Iranian relationship is all set to take off.
Asia Times · 7 hours ago
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Russia would like to keep Iran under sanctions Most of the experts believe that the deal itself is unfavorable for Russia ... could spiral to either a direct war between the US and Iran or a war in Syria. And no matter how …
Value Walk · 5/19/2015
But we know that the president has failed with foreign policy with the reset with Russia ... any deal with Iran that my concern is that he is going to go for a bad deal rather than say no to any deal at all. BARTIROMO …
FOX News · 1 day ago
nuclear deal
Against a backdrop of Iraq and Syria in flames ... Russia has approved a contract with Egypt to sell 46 Russian MiG-29 fighter planes that will be signed shortly. The total value of the deal is US$2 billion, the largest … · 23 hours ago
Calls for Syria peace deal French President Francois Hollande called Friday ... of the terrorists," Hollande said, adding that Russia and the United States should be involved. "We should do all we can so that a political …
Voice of America · 5/22/2015
Islamic State
Should the Iran nuclear deal get finalized ... if you will,” Russian military expert Alexander Golts told the Washington Post. “It’s really just a new opportunity to send the same clear signal to the West: You want to …
Ya Libnan · 1 day ago
... sides aim at a deeper and more detailed discussion of the issues related to the political settlement in Syria, Russian media reported. US State Department also mentioned that the US special envoy for Syria Daniel … · 5/18/2015
Riga/Baghdad: French President Francois Hollande called for a new international push for a peace deal in Syria on Friday ... in the coming weeks,” Hollande said, adding that Russia and the United States should be involved. Asked if foreign military ...
Gulf News · 5/23/2015