Russia would ... it is important for us to work together as opposed to at cross-purposes to make sure that an inclusive Syrian government exists,” Mr. Obama said, using another acronym for Islamic State. Even if a …
Wall Street Journal · ByCarol E. Lee · 1 hour ago
An Iran nuclear deal could mean ... in Europe head-on with Russia,” said Ed Morse, head of commodities research at Citigroup Inc. told Bloomberg. Since 2012, Iran has been banned from selling oil to Europe, and …
The Business Insider · 19 hours ago
Spanish police on Tuesday arrest a woman suspected of recruiting pre-teen girls and teenagers to send to areas controlled by the Islamic State armed group in Syria. An Interior ... major powers toward a nuclear deal
The Times of Israel · 17 minutes ago
Islamic State
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Washington — The United States and Russia may be at sharp odds with each other over Ukraine, Syria, and Edward Snowden ... Take our quiz Yes, the US is threatening Russia with even tougher sanctions over its aggressive stance toward Ukraine.
The Christian Science Monitor · ByHoward Lafranchi · 7/3/2015
rocket launch
Albright, writing in Foreign Policy about the late former Russian Foreign Minister Yevgeny Primakov, recalled her friend as a flexible realist, but she also cited differences already evident soon after the NATO-Russia deal · 7/3/2015
Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund has agreed to invest $10bn in Russia ... the west has made US and European funds cautious over teaming up with a state-backed entity. Mr Dmitriev urged European investors to …
Financial Times · 17 hours ago
Saudi sovereign fund
Countries are trade partners with a shared goal of challenging US hegemony ... Last year they trumpeted the biggest gas deal in history. The summer will be bookended by two striking events: Russian and Chinese … · 11 hours ago
Prince Salman’s visit to Russia comes at a time when the nature of US-Saudi relationship is seen to be taking ... Putin and Prince Salman also reportedly discussed Iran and the P5+1 nuclear deal. Syria too figured in …
Eurasia Review · 1 day ago
The US and Russia have reached a deal on Syria that helps America get out of a military strike no one wanted, but does little else. The people of Syria, who lost neighbors and loved ones to chemical weapons, and who continue to die as Bashar al-Assad ...
Guardian LV · 9/27/2013
VIENNA: As negotiators braced for yet another possible extension of nuclear talks, Iran demanded on Monday that any deal should ... The US doesn't want the arms ban ended because it fears Tehran could expand its …
Economic Times · 7 hours ago
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