... the US Congress will accept the deal struck last month between Iran, the US and five other world powers that would impose new curbs on Tehran's nuclear programme in exchange for sanctions relief. Next month …
Al JAZEERA · 10 hours ago
Iranian Americans
This is pursuant to the explicit authorization for such sanctions contained in the Comprehensive Iran Sanctions, Accountability, and Divestment Act of 2010, in which Congress found “that the United States should ... in …
Wall Street Journal · 56 minutes ago
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NEW YORK: Tehran has called for the release of 19 Iranian nationals languishing in US jails on charges of bypassing anti-Iran sanctions, turning tables on the United States, the New York Times reported on Thursday.
Dawn · 8/28/2015
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The successful conclusion of the nuclear talks has led to the development of a new pragmatism in Iran ... any issues that would prevent Iran from attaining the scale of sanctions relief outlined in the agreement. If the US
Live Trading News · 19 hours ago
Iran Nuclear Accord
NEW DELHI: India must fully exploit the economic opportunities ... The plan had to be abandoned following sanctions on Iran. India has already spent US$ 90 million on exploration, Assocham said. "Given the kind of …
Economic Times · 16 hours ago
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It was not a new news item, what US President Obama said that “part of the money Iran will get back after lifting the sanctions will be used in financing terrorist activities,” because this was confirmed again by Iran’s …
Kuwait Times · 8/24/2015
Among them is New York Sen. Chuck Schumer, who is expected to become the next Senate Democratic leader. If the deal is approved, the United States and five other world powers would lift billions of dollars in …
FOX News · 12 minutes ago
Jerrold Nadler was labeled a "traitor" and other slurs last week after he became the lone Jewish Democrat from New York to endorse the deal, which would lift economic sanctions on Iran in exchange ... Obama said.
Los Angeles Times · ByPaul Richter · 18 hours ago
Iran deal
Many of the same people opposing this deal once told us that the Iraq war (2003 - 2011 ... Europeans Are Eager to do Business in Iran," The New York Times. August 1, 2015.) While the deal makes sanctions "snap …
The Huffington Post · 1 hour ago
Iran Deal
Should Iran decide that the deal is no longer in its interest, it will be in an excellent position to restore its capabilities fast. The United States will not be able to impose a sanctions regime that would be as rigorous as …
The Foundry · 1 day ago
Iran Deal