Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said on Monday his country would not breach its landmark nuclear deal with world powers as long as the West also honored its commitments to the accord. Iran has denounced new
Investment Underground · 1/30/2016
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Four Americans-Iranians in Iran and seven Iranians in the U.S. were frred in a prisoner swap deal on the day sanctions were lifted. The United States announced on Sunday new sanctions relating to Iran's ballistic … · 1/30/2016
The US Senate Foreign Relations Committee is pushing for fresh sanctions against Iran over what senators described as Tehran’s aggressive non-nuclear activities. Senator Bob Corker, the committee’s Republican … · 2/3/2016
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“And the young men that were grown up with him spoke unto him, saying: ‘Thus shalt thou say unto this people that spoke unto thee, saying: Thy father made our yoke heavy, but make thou it lighter unto us; thus … · 2/1/2016
It seems Republicans and Democrats in the United States have ... for tougher sanctions on North Korea in the wake of the country’s nuclear test on January 6 and rocket launch on February 7. On Wednesday, the …
The Diplomat · 1 day ago
which promotes better relationships between the United States and Iran, said in a statement on Sunday: "The prisoner exchange, Iran's dutiful implementation of its nuclear obligations, and the lifting of nuclear-related …
Bonham Journal · 1/31/2016
The remarks, his first since the deal was implemented over the weekend, came in a letter to President Hassan Rouhani on Tuesday. "There are some mechanisms that we will use to solve disputes if they violate the …
Comment · 1/30/2016
nuclear deal
The US is obliged under JCPOA to return seized Iranian money being held in frozen accounts pending the resolution of the sanctions against Iran ... which could lead to tens of billions worth of new oil trade despite a slumping market.
OpEdNews · ByFranklin Lamb · 2 hours ago
The measures are similar to US legislation used to force tougher international action against Iran by targeting those engaged in ... which has been pressing Beijing for weeks to impose tough new sanctions on North Korea, including a severe reduction ...
World Socialist Web Site · ByPeter Symonds · 14 hours ago
North Korea
And bargaining for hostages risks encouraging more hostage-taking. Despite the deal, the US recently imposed new sanctions on Iran for illegally test-firing ballistic missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads, in … · 2/1/2016