The anti-gravity chamber is operated by Zero-G Corporation in Arlington, Virginia. “Upton flipped, floated and modelled in true weightlessness – as if in outer space,” Zero-G said in a press release on the photo shoot. The shoot was set up last March ... · 2/18/2014
Kate Upton posed in Antarctica, now the Vomit Comet ... A wet burp occurs if an astronaut belches in zero gravity after drinking a carbonated liquid. Lacking the gravity to separate the liquid from the gas, the gas expands in the stomach only to ...
Discovery Communications · 2/18/2014
Sports Illustrated had a wonderful idea: Demonstrate how zero gravity works on muscular and fat body masses by putting Kate Upton in a bikini and taking her in a parabolic flight. I have to admit that I like her better with gravity. Please enable ...
Gizmodo Australia · 2/19/2014
Sports Illustrated model Kate Upton shows her sexy figure as she posed for a zero gravity shoot. An extraordinary photo shoot was gracefully delivered by the well-known swimsuit model as she floats. It's not an ordinary floating scene as she allowed ...
Travelers Today · 5/15/2014
All the billions of dollars, all the Apollos, all the labor, all the research: they were all worth for it, so we, as humans in 2014, could watch Kate Upton spin around in a bikini in zero gravity for some reason. Sports Illustrated had Upton try (and succeed!)
Uproxx · 2/18/2014
Her fans would already say she's out of this world. And that certainly proved to be the case as Kate Upton posed under zero gravity conditions for a one-off photoshoot for Sports Illustrated's 50th edition. Clad in a tiny gold bikini, the model swung ...
Daily Mail · 2/18/2014
Kate Upton floats through a zero-g chamber in this year’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, which hits newsstands today. After Page Six reported in January the curvy model was shot for the issue in the zero-G chamber, photos were released today of the ... · 2/18/2014
Thanks Sports Illustrated. Who wouldn't want to see Kate Upton on a Zero Gravity flight in a swimsuit?.... Behold the pinnacle of human invention. Sports Illustrated had the fantastic idea to shoot supermodel Kate Upton into the sky and then film her while ...
Io9 · 2/18/2014
The rumors are true: Kate Upton actually did pose in a zero-gravity space chamber – wearing a barely-there bikini, of course – for Sports Illustrated. Photos of video from the shoot have appeared online today, and those “Barbarella” comparisons are ...
Fashion&Style · 2/18/2014
This is an out-of-the-world shoot. Hot model Kate Upton floats in zero gravity in this racy photoshoot for the 50th edition of Sports Illustrated. The pneumatic model took a flight in the Zero Gravity Plane at the Space Coast Regional Airport at Cape ...
Apun Ka Choice · 2/22/2014
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