Volvo Trucks made headlines in November, when a video commercial featuring martial artist Jean-Claude Van Damme went viral. In the video, Van Damme can be seen making a split between two big rigs driving in reverse as the sun is rising. The abandoned ...
Ecumenical News · 5/12/2015
The Jean-Claude Van Damme Volvo ad is doing the viral rounds, and rightly so. Even the most cynically minded of you, who (probably rightly so) like to ignore advertising because of its parasitic, profit = deficit nature, can surely bask in the brilliance ...
Contact Music · 11/15/2013
If you love martial arts and action movies, then you are without a doubt familiar with this legendary name that needs no introduction: Jean-Claude Van Damme. The star of such classics as "Bloodsport," "Kickboxer," "Hard Target," "The Expendables 2" and …
The Huffington Post · 11/14/2013
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53 year old actor performs 'epic split' ABOVE VIDEO: Action star Jean-Claude Van Damme, 53, performs an epic split between two moving trucks in a Volvo video commercial to demonstrate the precision and directional stability of the new VolvoFMX truck.
Space Coast Daily · 11/16/2013
Volvo is pretty excited about the dynamic steering system it has put into its new trucks, and it got Jean-Claude Van Damme on board to help it spread the news. In "The Epic Split," the Belgian martial arts master starts off standing with each foot on the ...
The Business Insider · 11/14/2013
Senator Mitch McConnell's latest campaign ad borrowed from a successful viral Volvo ad, but as Mara Montalbano (@maramontalbano) says, it probably won't get nearly as many views. Video provided by Buzz60 Newslook
USA Today · 10/31/2014
There are splits, and then there are epic splits. I’m going to say that this new Volvo Trucks ad featuring Jean-Claude Van Damme has some of the latter. Bonus Enya below: Holy crap. That dude is 53 years old. And he’s doing the splits for everyone.
WebProNews · ByJosh Wolford · 11/14/2013
After viewing the new Jean-Claude Van Damme Volvo commercial, we were reminded of an era of celebrity ads, before they were even famous! Reminisce with us, will you? Have you seen the new Jean-Claude Van Damme Volvo commercial? It’s pretty …
SheKnows · 11/15/2013
Jean Claude Van Damme is a popular Belgian martial artist, actor, and director. He's 53-years-old... and still as supple as ever! The "Sudden Death" star performed an "epic split" between two large trucks for a recent Volvo commercial. And yes, the ...
Mstarz News · 11/15/2013
Whether or not computers or wires were used to aid the stunt – Volvo claims it’s all legit, according to Slate – it’s next to impossible not to be impressed by the ad. Plus, it’s not like we’ve never seen Van Damme do the splits before.
New York Post · 11/14/2013