Victoria Beckham has unveiled her new clothing line ... the star has added splashes of color and print to her circus-inspired collection, according to Vogue. The 41-year-old has brightened things up with splashes of …
International Business Times · 6/26/2015
Victoria Beckham
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The 41-year-old designer has finally unveiled the Victoria, Victoria Beckham pre-spring 2016 collection and it only proves her worth as a fully-fledged fashion designer. The mother-of-four brightened things up with …
360 nobs · 6/24/2015
“We hope the gorgeous ‘V’irkin bag will inspire Victoria to embrace vegan fashion and leave all exotic-animal skins out of her wardrobe and clothing line, as she’s already done with fur. This isn’t the first time …
Ecouterre · 6/26/2015
Victoria Beckham
Victoria Beckham is spicing up her life amid reports that Caitlyn Jenner will model in her new fashion line. The former pop-star turned fashionista has her eye on the transgender icon after admiring Jenner's historical …
Huffington Post UK · 6/29/2015
London: Singer-turned-fashion designer Victoria Beckham reportedly wants Caitlyn Jenner, who was known as Bruce Jenner before undergoing a gender transition, to model her clothes. The 41-year-old fashion designer …
Zee News · 6/24/2015
Though perhaps aside from Victoria’s, the most envied Beckham wardrobe belongs ... But aside from the family’s perennial celebrity status, Beckham’s fashion business is clearly gathering momentum. Alongside …
Women's Wear Daily · ByNina Jones · 6/24/2015
Victoria Beckham
When Victoria Beckham announced last month that she'd be folding her denim collection in with her lower-priced line, Victoria, Victoria Beckham, we weren't entirely surprised. We'd already seen both Kate Spade and …
Fashionista · 6/26/2015
Victoria Beckham won't dress too provocatively now because she likes to leave ''something to the imagination'' now. The pop star-turned-fashion designer has ditched short skirts and tight tops from her wardrobe now …
Contact Music · 6/24/2015
Victoria Beckham wants Caitlyn Jenner to model her clothes. The 41-year-old fashion designer is reportedly keen on having the 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' star - who was known as Bruce Jenner before … · 6/22/2015
it has been quite a journey from your work as a singer to be respected as a fashion creator. How has it been for you and how do you feel about it now? Victoria Beckham: I love what I do. I love fashion. It is what I always …
Vogue · 7/1/2015
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