Massive volcanic eruptions could cause localised warming that might destabilise some of the world's biggest ice sheets, according to new research from Durham University. Scientists investigated links between very large volcanic eruptions and polar ...
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volcanic eruptions
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A large volcano in western Nicaragua, Momotombo, on Tuesday belched ash and gas up to a kilometer (3,000 feet) in the sky, sparking fears that the giant could be waking from a fitful 110-year-old slumber. Nicaraguan First Lady Rosario Murillo, who also ...
Terra Daily · 30 minutes ago
Nicaragua volcano
A series of at least 4 small explosions occurred at the volcano this morning, at 07:49, 08:17, 08:42, and 08:55 local time. The eruptions, in particular the last and largest one, produced steam and ash plumes that rose up …
Volcano Discovery · 12 hours ago
Momotombo volcano
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It involves replicating the planet-cooling effect of a volcanic eruption. When Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines blew in 1991, its emissions briefly reversed most of the global warming that had occurred since the start of …
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global warming
Massi ve volcanic eruptions could cause localized warming that might destabilize some of the world's biggest ice sheets, according to new research from Durham University. Scientists investigated links between very …
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volcanic eruptions
Recommended: Could you survive a dinosaur theme park visit gone awry? Take our quiz! Volcanic eruptions may have also played a role. Around the same time as the Yucatán impact, the other side of the world was …
The Christian Science Monitor · 11/27/2015
These rocks actually originated deep within the Earth, but volcanic eruptions brought them to the surface. Although the rocks may look the same — and all of them originated from the same layer in the planet’s interior …
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Volcanic Rocks Came
Guatemala's Fuego volcano is at it again, erupting early on 30 November and spewing lava into the night sky. The volcano – about 29 miles south west of Guatemala City – has had at least three large lava flows reported …
International Business Times · 14 hours ago
Fuego volcano
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The Tungurahua volcano in Ecuador sends smoke and ash more than two kilometres skywards. Rough cut (no reporter narration). ROUGH CUT - NO REPORTER NARRATION Residents from communities near …
Reuters · 11/20/2015
Ecuador volcano erupts
KARO, Indonesia – Crumbling houses. Vehicles overgrown by vegetation. Dusty kitchen utensils. A cassette recorder caked with volcanic ash. This is all that's left of the "ghost" villages abandoned five years ago when Indonesia's Mount Sinabung erupted a ...
FOX News · 1 day ago
Mount Sinabung