Troop leaders raise the three-fingered salute that calls Scouts to quiet and a White House aide announces everyone can troop down to the First Lady's kitchen garden. Having gotten the spring press release about the …
People · 23 hours ago
White House
WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N.Y. -- Pollinators are finally getting a little respect. On May 19, 2015, the White House announced the National Pollinator Research Action that details a “National Strategy to Promote the Health of Honey Bees and Other …
White Plains Daily Voice · 6/26/2015
When 15,000 honey bees descended upon Capitol Hill on Friday no one thought the traveling food pollinators were there to plead their case for preservation. But if they had been it would have been better if they had …
Examiner · 6/23/2015
honey bees
The White House on May 19 issued a first National Strategy to Promote the Health of Honeybees and other Pollinators. It calls for the creation of 7 million acres of corridors of diverse plants that provide the nectar and …
Denver Post · ByDenver Post andBruce Finley · 6/29/2015
Colorado beekeepers
In an effort to help the declining bee and butterfly populations, the White House announced new steps to protect the pollinators --which, among other measures, calls for the planting of new bee-friendly gardens at federal offices across the country.
CNN · 5/19/2015
Rather than acknowledging this fact and speeding up their review of glyphosate, the EPA points to other actions it is taking to help monarchs and other pollinators as part of the White House Pollinator Task Force. Along …
NRDC SWiTCHBOARD · 6/24/2015
monarch butterflies
Even the White House has jumped on board to help these hard-working insects, announcing the Million Pollinator Garden Challenge earlier this month to increase forage areas. Attendees for the installation event will …
Patch · ByJustin Ove · 6/29/2015
Must Read: Has Curiosity actually spotted a pyramid on Mars? According to John Holdren, a science advisor at the White House, pollinators are currently going through a tough time in the United States. Holdren … · 6/28/2015
A new White House plan to promote the health of bees and other pollinators calls for boosting research into ongoing population declines—and potential solutions. The plan, released yesterday, also recommends numerous measures to address growing … · 5/20/2015
According to a recent White House report, pollinators such as monarchs contribute more than 24 billion dollars to the U.S. economy, by promoting fruits and vegetables as well as agricultural crops like alfalfa.
Brattleboro Reformer · 6/28/2015
Monarch butterflies
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