A Danish zoo that made international headlines last month when it killed a healthy giraffe is once again in the news after it killed four lions to make way for a new male. The lions were killed Monday, said Tobias Stenbaek Bro, a spokesman for the ...
CNN · ByLaura Smith-Spark andBharati Naik · 3/26/2014
The Copenhagen Zoo, which generated global outrage last month when it killed a healthy 18-month-old giraffe named Marius, said it had to euthanize four lions this week to clear the path for a newly arrived young male lion. The zoo’s decision created a ...
New York Times · 3/26/2014
The cubs would have been eaten by the male lion 'as soon as he got the chance,' the zoo said. The Danish zoo that sparked an international outcry by slaughtering a giraffe to avoid inbreeding has killed two lions and their cubs to clear the way for a new male.
New York Daily News · 3/25/2014
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The Copenhagen Zoo is back in the news again! This time, the zoo is in the spotlight for killing two lions and their cubs just to clear the way for a new male. According to MSN News, the Copenhagen Zoo stated that two old lions and been euthanized as part ...
The Inquisitr · 3/26/2014
we recognize the right of Copenhagen Zoo to humanely cull them in line with their policies," it said in a statement. PETA, however, feels that the zoo had an ethical obligation to sterilize the lions rather than kill them. "This callous action highlights ...
Mashable · 3/27/2014
For the record, 4:20 p.m. Feb. 10: A previous headline on this post read, "Denmark zoo kills young giraffe in front of crowd despite protest." The giraffe was dismembered and fed to lions in front of a crowd after it had been killed.
Los Angeles Times · 2/10/2014
Crowds at The Dallas Zoo witnessed a violent attack Sunday where two male lions killed a lioness. A spokesperson at the zoo told NBC DFW that at about 2 p.m. one male lion lashed out and killed a 5-year-old female lion named Johari in the "Giants of the ...
NBC Dallas-Fort Worth 5 · ByCatherine Ross · 11/18/2013
Copenhagen Zoo has euthanised four healthy lions just a few weeks after putting down and publicly dissecting a young giraffe, causing outrage among animal lovers around the world. The zoo said it had killed a 16-year-old male lion, a lioness of around the ...
Al JAZEERA · 3/26/2014
A COPENHAGEN zoo that prompted international outrage by putting down a healthy giraffe and dissecting it in public has killed two lions and their two cubs to make way for a new male, it said overnight. "Because of the pride of lions' natural structure and ... · 3/25/2014
Mar 26, 2014 03:05 PM ET // by Tim Wall The Copenhagen Zoo recently killed four members of a lion family because the cats didn’t meet the needs of the zoo’s captive breeding program. The same zoo killed Marius the giraffe last month for similar reasons.
Discovery Communications · 3/26/2014