In this July 9, 2015 photo, people walk on a footbridge with an electronic stock ticker showing real time stock market indices at Lujiazhui Financial and Trade Zone in Shanghai. Beijing’s scramble to put a floor under …
San Francisco Gate · ByJoe Mcdonald · 35 minutes ago
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With the recent drop in the market, there are certainly some attractively priced investment opportunities to be found. However, there are several stocks we're staying away from. Here's why three of our analysts think …
The Motley Fool · 3 hours ago
Eli Lilly
Coty (NYSE:COTY) major shareholder Cosmetics B.V. Jab purchased 586,200 shares of the company’s stock in a transaction that occurred on Thursday, September 3rd. The shares were purchased at an average price of $28.76 per share, with a total … · 5 minutes ago
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The market meltdown here in the US could be called the China Syndrome if you just go by the journalist buzz. If China coughs, we get the plague. Considering the wise move by our leaders to have China hold mega …
Seeking Alpha · ByBruce Pile · 8/31/2015
Stock Market
NEW YORK — It's an adage that investors hate uncertainty. Unfortunately for them, they got more of it on Friday. The stock market has been volatile for weeks on concern that China's economy is slowing more rapidly …
WRAL · 2 hours ago
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BEIJING -- Tonhe Electronics is a casualty of China's effort to stop a stock market bust. The maker of electrical equipment -- part of a technology industry the ruling Communist Party wants to promote -- hoped to raise $32 …
Arkansas Online · 5 hours ago
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For the last several weeks, I’ve shared my top 10 questions to ask before you buy any stock. As some of you probably thought to yourselves, “Wow! That is a lot of work. And after doing it all, I may not even buy the …
Townhall Finance · 9/3/2015
This morning, the Apple stock (AAPL) opened at $94.87 a share, and dropped to $92 a share, one of the lowest points the stock has reached since earlier this year when it was going for $134.50 a share. However, Apple …
The Inquisitr · 8/24/2015
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SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — Asian stock markets were mostly lower Friday as caution prevailed before the release of the monthly U.S. jobs report and the resumption of trading on Chinese stock markets next week.
Times Union · 4 minutes ago
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London has been left nursing triple digit gains and it’s the commodity stocks that are bearing the brunt. The fact that the US jobless rate has fallen to its lowest level since 2008 has reopened the idea that the Federal …
The Guardian · 14 hours ago
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AutoNation is the largest automotive retailer in the United States and is the leading provider of new and pre-owned vehicles. Auto…
AutoNation is the largest automotive retailer in the United States and is the leading provider of new and pre-owned vehicles. AutoNation owns and operates over 280 franchises throughout the United States. The current Chairman, CEO, and President is Mike Jackson, former CEO of Mercedes-Benz North America. The Chief Operations Officer is Bill Berman. It was founded in 1996 by entrepreneur H. Wayne Huizenga. Headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida
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