Photo: Cecil's Revenge Apple’s App Store policing is being called into question again after the company rejected a Cecil the Lion-inspired Cecil’s Revenge game, in which animals turn guns on poachers for a change. · 17 hours ago
Lion app
Knight advises parents to set up a family-sharing plan and password protect the app store, so only they can download apps. Another option is to subscribe to a service that sends all texts, emails, and photos directly to …
KY3 · 9 hours ago
The team is finalizing modifications to the app and is hoping to launch on the App Store next week. The idea for Swayy was set in motion when Abramson’s fiancé could not decide what to wear to dinner. Abramson thought this concept would be a unique …
Daily Trojan · 1 hour ago
“Byte gives you an entire screen to make whatever you want,” the app’s description on the Apple App Store reads. “Bytes can be anything -- from tiny jokes shared with your friends to Choose-Your-Own-Adventure …
International Business Times · 11 hours ago
Meet Byte
The Titanic Ten seem to cater to these kinds of investors very well: you have a cannabis-stock, an app-stock, a "go green"-stock, a vodka-stock, you name it. It's important to realize the performance of none of these …
Seeking Alpha · 9 hours ago
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Download our new app in the App Store and use the selfie feature! Then, send us in your photos and we'll retweet you. #selfieswithrand — Dr. Rand Paul (@RandPaul) September 2, 2015 What could go wrong? Uh …
Washington Post · 1 day ago
Rand Selfie
Windows Phone Store and iOS App Store. The good news is that users do not need to have an active data bundle to use the app. The MyMTN app is yet another step in MTN’s journey to enable world class digital …
PC Tech Magazine · 1 day ago
Mobile Money
You can pick up the app free of charge on the App Store, and the platform is of course accessible on the Web, too (at Using the BitGold application, iPhone owners can purchase gold more easily than …
Apps Advice · 1 day ago
... app for reading and sharing all of the news we post daily on Marketing Land is now available in both the Apple / iTunes App store and on Google Play. Along with the launch of the official Marketing Land app, we have … · 8 hours ago
Marketing Land
This keyboard can be downloaded through the Messenger app store, but isn’t just limited to Messenger — it can be used in all other messaging apps as well, and offers an easy way to search for exactly the GIF you …
Make Use Of · 14 hours ago
Facebook Messenger
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