In many participating locations, she said, Instacart’s app offers the same price on items as the stores do. In the case of Costco, she said, Instacart customers don’t have to pay a membership fee to order from the …
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delivery fee
But if you want your iPad to feel like a mini TV or even possibly a desktop computer replacement in a spare room, and you can afford its lofty prices, take a peek at one in a store. ZDNet found ... three experimental …
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great apps
... surgery app called Hallux Angles that used augmented reality to calculate key orthopedic measurements (no longer in the App Store). However, the virtual app Bard VR with its virtual surgical procedure is an … · 9 hours ago
Google Cardboard
All you need to do is go to the app store, search “qcweather” and click “update” on the listing. It’s still free and you can take First Alert Weather Team wherever you go. As always, if you have any questions …
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Weather app
Microsoft has a new Android tool that maps out which apps are and aren't on the Microsoft Store. Microsoft continues to build its presence on Google Play, this time with an app called AppComparison, which caters to …
ZDNet · 11/23/2015
Windows Phone
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Smartphone or tablet users can download the app from the app store in the normal way, by searching for Antalis or DocuCloud. It’s available for iPhone/iPad, Android devices and Windows tablets/phones and PC’s … · 11 hours ago
Antalis launches
The required iOS or Android apps are available in the App Store and Google Play Store at no charge. About Beddit Beddit uses ballistocardiography, through an ultra-thin force-sensing strip, to measure nighttime activity without any wearable sensors.
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... a torrent of downvotes on Google Play and the App Store. It may only be the start of a trend, but it’s worth noting because it signals a new consequence that tech companies’ decisions have on their products and how …
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Not too many things cost only a dime anymore, but for the past few days and until Nov. 29, Windows 10 users in the U.S. have been able to rack up more than 1,000 of the latest Hollywood movies, hit music, must-have … · 3 hours ago
Cent Deals
Its a small feature, but one that will be quite useful in practice to a vast majority of users. Download the apps from the store links below.
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The app goes live Wednesday, Nov. 25, according to IGN. It will be sold on the app store for $10, expenses that the developer, known as Twisted, says go toward providing user support.
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