In It's So Easy: And Other Lies Duff McKagan ... McKagan is thoughtful, profane and sharp-witted, and it shows in It's So Easy. First of all, I had no idea that you're the inspiration for Duff beer on "The Simpsons." We played this show on MTV and Axl ...
The Huffington Post · 10/24/2011
A strike at GM supplier American Axle & Manufacturing Holdings (AXL.N), now in its ninth week ... GM said earlier that its April inventory of 244,000 cars and 579,000 trucks in dealer stocks was the lowest since it had records on hand.
Reuters · ByJim Christie · 5/1/2008
Merle Hazard performs “The Great Unwind,” his latest economics music video ... As Buffett intimates, it would be ugly: interest rates would spike, and this could pull the stock market down sharply. We had a hint of that kind of market decline already.
PBS · 8/7/2013
PepsiCo’s stock lagged the S&P and Coke’s shares ... Today there are angular Pepsi “Axl” bottles, for example, created at the company’s funky Design & Innovation Center in Manhattan’s SoHo. Pepsi hosted a “Kola House” at Milan’s Design ...
FORTUNE · 6/5/2015
Winning at all costs is for losers Most of us were taught that we should treat people ... Consider the recent 10 percent drop in Apple stock after CEO Steve Jobs announced that he was taking a five-month medical leave of absence. Because Jobs battled ...
NBC News · 5/5/2009
Call Axl Rose; the Spaghetti Incident is just days from happening at 231 Eldridge Street. We are told that the newcomer – in the works since November – opens to the public this weekend after a short period of friends-and-family gatherings. Emanuele ... · 5/20/2015
Their aesthetic and the kinds of things that they aspire to — for example, Kanye West talks about being Axl Rose, being Kurt Cobain ... An accountant does something amazingly well on the stock exchange and his buddies high-five him: He's a rock star!
Esquire · 12/27/2013
Mr. Standen cited a recent photo diary from Fashion Week, which included a candid image of Axl Rose taken very late into the night ... “I love the paper stock,” he says. Mr. Blasberg is full of gossip: the designer who is rumored to be having a Sapphic ...
New York Times · ByEric Wilson · 4/14/2010
The MTV Video Music Awards, Los Angeles, 1 July 1991: Billy Idol is about to announce that Jane's Addiction have won the Best Alternative ... which refused to stock it. Warners didn't like it because it sounded weird. Rolling Stone magazine observed ...
The Guardian · 8/3/2003
It seems like every other week, we're hearing a report of some wrestler ... a laughing stock, but it's not even close to funny at this point. It's tragic. Scott Hall needs help and I personally have him in my prayers. As one of my favorite wrestlers ...
Bleacher Report · 9/23/2011