The Pre-Market is mildly higher. SPX still has to finish Minute Wave [v] of Minor Wave 2. The entire Cycle from the 1811.52 top to today’s high will take 43 hours at 11:00 am. The larger degree Cycle Model agrees. ZeroHedge reports, “As we noted ...
The Market Oracle · 12/17/2013
Along with the highly publicized loss of leadership from big tech, the US stock market is now in danger of losing another, and possibly more important leader, the piggies or banking sector. While the weekly chart of BKX has not yet broken down, it is very ...
GoldSeek · ByGary Tanashian · 4/29/2014
The stock has been relatively flat since the beginning of 2015 while the KBW Bank Index BKX, which tracks 24 domestic banks, has increased 2% in the same period. However, the bank has exceeded expectations elsewhere: Citigroup performed well on the …
The Street · 6/1/2015
Shares of Discover Financial ... The stock closed at $60.84 Wednesday and traded for 10.7 times the consensus 2016 EPS estimate of $5.70. That compares to an average forward P/E ratio 11.5 among the 24 components of the KBW Bank Index BKX, -0.
Market Watch · 1/23/2015
While the continuation of QE at the $85B level could be helpful to lift overall economic conditions in future months, the BKX bank stock index might respond better to an increase in higher quality employment gains along with credible evidence of an ...
NASDAQ · 8/19/2013
It didn't show up in the BKX index. So, at the critical tops in 1998 and now, a senior bank stock concluded the 13 week interval from the primary to the secondary peak. Our Bank Trading Guide was developed in early 1997, when its first usage in real time ...
Safe Haven · 8/8/2006
BNK Petroleum (TSE:BKX) had its price objective decreased by TD Securities from C$1.20 to C$1.00in a report published onMonday, Analyst Ratings.Net reports. TD Securities currently has a speculative buy rating on the stock. BNK Petroleum (TSE:BKX ... · 8/18/2015
The stock has lagged the BKX by 900bps YTD (-4% vs. +5% for the BKX). Initially, the weak performance reflected the impact of declining rates. However, with rates now recovering, we’re surprised Bank of America shares haven’t rebounded more.
Barron's · 6/24/2015
any moves that the BKX makes could be very much reflected in the XLF tracking stock, despite the fact that the constituents and weightings of the companies represented by the two instruments are different (not advice).
Minyanville · 9/9/2004
The only component in the BKX rated a SELL according to is Bank of America (BAC) The stock is down 30.5% over the past twelve months. All of the other banks in the BKX are rated a HOLD according to Capital One …
Yahoo News · 8/1/2011