The Philadelphia Stock Exchange announced today that the PHLX/KBW Bank Index (BKX) will split 10:1 on March 22, 2004. The purpose for the split is to improve the liquidity of the instrument and make it more useful to a diverse set of investors. Since its ...
Mondo Visione · 3/4/2004
The Company's shares are traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the stock symbol BKX. This document contains certain forward looking statements which involve known and unknown risks, delays and uncertainties not under the company's control …
CNW Group · 3/3/2009
The analysts expect 2014 capital plans to include modestly higher stock repurchase plans ... point out that bank stocks reacted positively to the 2013 DFAST / CCAR results, with BKX posting 3.47% increase as against S&P 500 clocking 1.25% increase.
Value Walk · 2/25/2014
Perhaps the big story in the market was the very weak bank trading. Financials slumped ~1.4% overall and the BKX was down ~1.6% (note that the BKX broke down through its 50dayAM for the firs time since Nov ’12). The Citi article from the FT this … · 9/24/2013
Additionally the Company is utilizing its technical and operational expertise to identify and acquire additional unconventional projects. The Company's shares are traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the stock symbol BKX. SOURCE BNK Petroleum …
StreetInsider · 6/16/2015
But after looking at the KBW Bank Index (BKX) and the Russell 2000 it is becoming more and ... then it will have created a 2B Sell signal which is quite bearish. Any time a stock or index does a breakout, the days work is not done yet.
ETF Daily News · 9/22/2010
Related: Who's getting rich off the stock market? If you didn't panic in the fall of 2008 and held onto stocks, here's what you've been fortunate enough to enjoy since the Fed announced its first round of QE in late ... KBW Bank Index (BKX), which includes ...
CNN Money · ByPaul R. La · 10/29/2014
Previous Stock Analysts’ Price Target Changes for May, 15th (AAR.UN, AOI, BEI.UN, BIR, BKX, BRY, CBL, CDI, CEU, CHR.B)
Mideast Times · 5/15/2015
In a year that saw the KBW Bank Index (BKX) slide by nearly 25% ... We maintain a $30 price estimate for Wells Fargo’s stock, and attribute the 10% premium over the current market price to pessimism that exists among investors in the wake of …
Trefis · 1/5/2012
Call selling topped the options trading in the KBW Bank Index as it rebounded ... There is no single underlying stock in this trade because the BKX is an index, so it wouldn't be a covered call in the traditional sense. The calls could have been traded ...
Option MONSTER · 6/28/2012