“The market is in good shape,” said Jim Hagendarth, a co-owner of Hagenbarth Livestock that runs cattle in southwest Montana and southeast Idaho. “The market probably won’t attain the levels that it did last year …
Capital Press · 1 day ago
Ervin John Jacob, 57, James Michael Brunzo, 49, and Amy Louise Springer, 42, are accused of slipping into feedlots at night and hauling off steers and cows to sell at sale barns and livestock auctions. The three are charged with cattle thefts in Cass ...
San Francisco Gate · 43 minutes ago
I’ve seen a lot of men, cattle, and horses get hurt from poor animal handling ... only about 20 percent of the population really has the temperament to work with livestock. I’d say that’s about right from what I have seen. Of the other 80 percent ...
Farm And Ranch Guide · 1 day ago
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I recently read a blog written by Michaela Mann, who was one of my peers at South Dakota State University. In her blog post for Ranch House Designs, Mann lists the top five reasons every cattleman needs a cow dog …
BEEF · 6/22/2015
cattle dog
VIKING, Alta. — Cattle are starting to trickle into the Viking Auction Market. Farmers aren’t selling entire herds but are weeding out the dry cows, a few bottom-end calf pairs, replacement heifers and yearlings in an …
The Western Producter · 1 day ago
That increased competition would force Ford to lower truck prices to maintain market share, and thus make a company that derives much of its profits from full-size trucks much less attractive as a stock investment. Some also believe that the tariff has ...
The Motley Fool · 30 minutes ago
I liked that dog.” As the Central Kansas Extension District Livestock Agent, today, Ruiz is more concerned about rabies in cattle. The number of cases of rabies in Kansas has almost doubled in just the first six months of 2015 compared to all of 2014 ...
Salina Journal · 1 day ago
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The foundation of the stock today descended from 145 Wildberry, a National Rodeo Finals bull purchased in 2006 in Quapaw, Okla., for $35,000 -- a meager amount compared to some of today's sales. "If a cow (bred to …
Arkansas Online · 16 hours ago
Kiley Wayne Johnson, who turns 19 Friday, is accused of being part of a cattle theft ring that began stealing livestock last fall, according to a news release from the Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association, which spearheaded the investigation.
Oklahoma News · ByRandy Ellis · 1 day ago
cattle theft
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Later, the cattle are taken to secret locations and slaughtered," said ... Trust Kanakrai Savadia stated that some police station officers wee keeping the seized livestock at Kondwadas of Gram Panchayats. "As per the Maharashtra Animal Preservation ...
Times of India · 1 day ago
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