CRMB stock is down close to 40% Monday afternoon. Article printed from InvestorPlace Media,
Investor Place · 7/14/2014
That means getting rid of you if you buy CRMB stock. It's theoretically possible that CRMB shareholders could form a shareholders' committee and fight for its rights and get some sort of annoyance type of settlement that gives shareholders a tiny crumb of ...
Seeking Alpha · 7/14/2014
Watch the video to learn about the probability of Crumbs Bake Shop, Inc. (CRMB) Chart Signal as of Jun 17, 2015 This free program will calculate the probabilities of Crumbs Bake Shop, Inc. (CRMB) stock chart
Hot Stocked · 7/14/2014
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Carlo Cannell‘s Cannell Capital has sliced its position in Crumbs Bake Shop Inc (NASDAQ:CRMB). According to a newly amended filing ... The stake is activist by nature and amasses 7.45% of the common stock. $200 Million Dollar Healthcare Hedge …
NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Crumbs Bake Shop (CRMB) shares are skyrocketing up 1488.7% to 44 cents on Thursday following reports that an investment group led by Camping World CEO and host of the CNBC show "The Profit" Marcus Lemonis is putting …
The Street · 10/7/2014
But the share price for CRMB has not reflected this upside. The stock had its initial public offering in May and quickly rose to $16 a share. It is now around $4, a 75% plunge. The financials for the future for CRMB are promising while the present ...
Smallcap Network · ByJonathan Yates · 10/3/2011
CRUMBS BAKE SHOP INCORPORATED (NASDAQ: CRMB) "Up 66.34% on Tuesday" The first Crumbs bake shop opened in March 2003 on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Crumbs is well known for its innovative and oversized gourmet cupcakes.
TransWorldNews · 8/8/2012
The firm's stock hit a high of more than $13 per share right after it listed in 2011. A subsequent crash in its value lead to a slow decline and its eventual delisting from the Nasdaq. A CNBC interview last April saw the Crumbs Bake Shop Inc (OTCMKTS:CRMB ...
Value Walk · ByPaul Shea · 7/10/2014
Crumbs Bake Shop Inc (OTCMKTS:CRMB) sells various cupcakes ... Beta value for the Company stands at 1.40, indicating its risk level. The stock remained in the $0.03 to $0.04 price range during the session. Company’s graphical value indicates these ... · 7/10/2014
Here are some recent delist-ees in 2014. Crumbs Bake Shop Crumbs (OTC: CRMB) is perhaps the most notable delisted stock this year. The cupcake producer announced bankruptcy in early July after rampant expansion led to unpayable debt. Marcus …
Yahoo Finance · 7/29/2014

Crumbs Bake Shop

Crumbs Bake Shop is a bakery chain headquartered in New York City. Founded in 2003 as a small mom-and-pop style bakery on the Uppe…
Crumbs Bake Shop is a bakery chain headquartered in New York City. Founded in 2003 as a small mom-and-pop style bakery on the Upper West Side of Manhattan by Mia & Jason Bauer, the company expanded to 79 locations in eight states and Washington, D.C..
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