Kinder who remained as editor and publisher of the newspaper until 1900 when he transferred the business to a stock company and incorporated as ... sold to Brown Publishing Company in 2005 and then DHI Media, Inc., of Delphos, in 2010. · 9/19/2014
The highly anticipated share buyback Stockland Group was expected to announce yesterday didn’t eventuate. During Stockland’s investor presentation, managing director Matthew Quinn came under heightened scrutiny for not launching a buyback when …
Australian Financial Review · 8/10/2011
So where does it take the longest to get hired? DHI Hiring Indicators provides a breakdown, by industry, of how many working days it takes to fill a job opening. As a general rule of thumb, higher-skilled and more technical industries take somewhat longer ...
The Wall Street Journal · 6/19/2015
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The dividend yield of DR Horton Inc. stocks is 0.91%. See more housing stocks of gurus using the All-in-One Screener here. Not a Premium Member of GuruFocus? Try it free for 7 days here.
Guru Focus · 6/23/2015
Pipeline conglomerate Williams sees share price climb 24% following the board's decision to reject a $53.1B stock-for-stock offer from Energy Transfer. Shares of Williams’ stock shot up 24 percent to $59.88 each as word spread of the company’s refusal ...
Rigzone · 6/22/2015
The Interactive Chart requires Javascript to be enabled on your browser. You can use the Basic Chart, or follow the directions below to enable Javascript and use the Interactive Chart. To enable Javascript in Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher...
Yahoo7 Finance · 6/28/2015
The New Home Sales report for August—an important data point for the homebuilding industry group—comes out on Wednesday, so MoneyShow’s Tom Aspray takes to the charts to see if now is the time to be buying these homebuilder stocks.
The Money Show · 9/23/2014
At $37.44, the stock rose 1.7% today, a bright spot in a volatile year for the stock. Toll made news in 2013 when it moved from the burbs to the big city. The builder behind the “McMansion” has been pushing to become a name in the nation’s luxury ...
Barron's · ByJohanna Bennett · 6/11/2015
How? At first sight, the story of Joshua Sason – the now 27 year-old distressed penny stock ‘trader’, reads a little like that of Alex Hope – the 23 year-old former coach and hospitality sector worker who claimed to be making millions trading FX ... · 3/13/2015
What are the fastest-growing ... stocks. Not only are shares of the fast-growing stocks beating the market in the past 12 months – they’re expected to rise further still as a group over the next 18 months, too. Six of the eight fast-growing companies ...
USA TODAY MONEY · ByMatt Krantz · 5/20/2015

D. R. Horton

D. R. Horton is the largest home construction company in the United States based on its 30,455 houses sold and posted profit of $8.657 mil…
D. R. Horton is the largest home construction company in the United States based on its 30,455 houses sold and posted profit of $8.657 million in 2014. D. R. Horton was founded in 1978 by Donald R. Horton in the Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex. The company's headquarters is located in the D. R. Horton Tower in Downtown Fort Worth. D. R. Horton operates two divisions: Emerald Homes and Express Homes. Express Homes is tailored to entry-level buyers while the Emerald Homes brand is sold as luxury real estate.
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