The Greek debt crisis has gone on the back burner for the time being after Athens reached an agreement with its European creditors earlier this month, allowing market focus to shift back towards divergences in …
Firstpost · 7/23/2015
want a great stock tip? Whether the tips come from your broker ... when the company generates profits. But the vast divergence between earnings from continuing operations and non-GAAP earnings -- aka "earnings before bad stuff" -- is a big red flag.
The Motley Fool · 7/22/2015
CNBC’s Bob Pisani had an interesting bit a short while ago, discussing the extreme narrowing of Nasdaq “leadership” in stock prices in the last month. Pisani noted four stocks have come to command the majority of price appreciation: Google (GOOGL ...
Barron's · ByTiernan Ray · 7/20/2015
But in my experience, selling short a strong stock based on an after-hours reaction to a single ... Beyond that, however, it's probably worth noting the bearish Relative Strength Index (RSI) divergence currently in place on the daily charts of both the ... · 18 hours ago
When stock market indices negatively diverge in this manner, the behavior is yet another warning sign that a long-term reversal may be in progress. In isolation, this type of divergence is not a significant warning sign, but when combined with historic ... · 7/27/2015
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Only 4% of Australian stocks have a 14-day RSI above 70 ... to the widest since July 2007. This is where divergence is seen at its purest form and suggests EUR/USD rallies should be headed to the $1.05 area. · 8 minutes ago
The trend towards online sales has been in place for quite some time, yet this stock market divergence just began in 2014. Well, with the XRT down 4% and the S&P 500 up 5% in 2014, retail stocks are (once again) sounding the alarm. The best strategy to ...
Wall Street Daily · 6/3/2014
BofA Merrill Lynch technical analysts Stephen Suttmeier and Xue Jiong see two "triple bearish divergences" emerging in the stock market as the S&P 500 rolls over from new all-time highs made after last Wednesday's shock FOMC decision to refrain from ...
The Business Insider · ByMatthew Boesler · 9/24/2013
Implied volatility levels throughout Europe and China, where in part a stimulus-fueled rally has created a higher degree of upside deviation relative to downside volatility, the U.S. markets have been fairly well contained. This can most interestingly be ...
Value Walk · 6/9/2015
In a very unscientific screen, we quickly found the four cases below with similar "bearish" divergences: Did Stocks Continue To Rise? In these anecdotal cases, the divergence between market breadth and price did not help predict the end of a bull market.
Safe Haven · 11/20/2014