In the wake of the FOMC meeting and the IPO hype, we face a week with little new information - the lull before earnings season. This sort of vacuum makes it difficult to predict the week ahead, but I have an interesting idea: This week will feature ...
NASDAQ · 9/21/2014
post on Monday about the huge divergence in yields between stocks and bonds, I wondered just how historically ... Indeed, from 1985 through about 2002, it was just as common for the S&P earnings yield to be lower than the Treasury yield as it was for ...
Reuters · ByFelix Salmon · 8/12/2011
Initial public offerings were also ways to compensate employees and founders who owned lots of stock, but there are now novel mechanisms ... told the journalist Dan Primack that he had never seen a sharper …
NDTV · 6 hours ago
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the rather grand-sounding "Moving Average Convergence-Divergence (MACD) indicator" is actually one of the most commonly used momentum indicators around. It is used to spot changes in the strength, direction, momentum, and duration of a trend in a … · 11/10/2012
Stocks in Europe and the US rose last night even though the ... grow every minute the ATM machines don’t dispense money.” Certainly that’s what the divergence between the pre-bank closure and post-bank … · 6 hours ago
money managers
Riesner bases his negative short-term outlook on what he calls “growing divergences” between different segments ... with sagging energy stocks leading on the downside. That leaves Toronto’s main equity index …
Edmonton Journal · 6/14/2015
Divergence is a critical concept in technical analysis of stocks and other financial assets, such as currencies. The "moving average convergence divergence," or MACD, is the indicator used most commonly to track divergence. However, the concept is also ... · 1 day ago
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In the Money Stocks · 3/18/2015
U.S. stocks are contemplating the fate of the 5-year bull market as the small cap Russell 2000 diverges from the upward trajectory of the S&P 500. We look back to the previous S&P / Russell divergence in 2011 and then examine the technicals of the …
Investopedia · 8/1/2014
Either U.S. stocks need to pull back, or Chinese equities need to get their act together. That’s the suggestion in a Deutsche Bank note out Tuesday in the wake of Monday’s disappointing Chinese economic data that weighed on stocks worldwide.
Market Watch Commentary · 3/11/2014