Greece’s banks and stock market were closed on Monday and were expected ... off for longer in raising interest rates if the trouble in Europe worsens. “Fed/ECB divergence bets have been partially wiped off as a …
The Irish Times · 6/29/2015
Last week developed market equities rallied, with stocks benefiting from low inflation, accommodative monetary policy and continued good fortune in avoiding “worst-case” geopolitical scenarios. But emerging markets experienced outflows, struggling on ...
Market Realist · 9/25/2014
The stock trades about 20% below net book value, and the divergence between the stock price and yield spread between 2-year and 10-year Treasury notes is at an all-time high. Nevertheless, many investors continue to view Annaly shares with disdain.
The Motley Fool · 1/8/2014
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Consider me that helping hand if only for verification purposes. Today, I will review an example with you of a negative divergence utilizing the MACD indicator on Google (GOOG) stock. When discussing divergences using MACD, I am not talking about when …
Jutia Group · 1/19/2007
The stock has been unable to exceed all-time highs marked in ... The tumble also coincides with a ‘go short’ signal from the attached Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) trading system (first sub-chart). Another attached system, a …
City Index · 7/2/2015
Ashtead shares
Breaking the low from last week cannot possibly give us positive divergences because, as I explained here yesterday, there were already more stocks making new lows this week than last week. There cannot be a positive divergence because the Overbought ... · 1/15/2015
NEW YORK: A divergence between the expected volatility in the stock market and the oil market is now the widest since December 2008 but some market watchers do not see this as a sign that price swings may increase in the stock market. The CBOE …
The Star Online · 12/24/2014
This contrasts with net exposure of +7.6% to consumer cyclicals, a disparity Russell said reflects falling correlations among certain stocks. "It is unusual for me to be long one and short the other. I felt there has been …
Investment Week · 6/25/2015
growth stocks
I am bearish as long as the S&P is under Friday’s high (1230.60). The arrows indicate days when the Dow has made a new high and the S&P has not, thus indicating divergence. Like stocks, the AUDUSD and NZDUSD may be trying to find December lows.
DailyFX · ByJamie Saettele · 12/19/2011
The Dow Jones Industrial Average experienced its worst quarter since the beginning of 2009. The S&P 500 Index fell 14% during the third quarter, with the materials sector as the worst performer, falling 25%. Many base metal commodities saw double digit ...
Resource Investor · ByFrank Holmes · 10/4/2011
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