DVY is an interesting option. PowerShares International Dividend Achievers Portfolio (PID): For investors looking for high dividend payouts from overseas, this ETF may be your best bet. PID allocates less than 10% of its holdings to U.S. stocks ...
ETF Database · 11/23/2009
Funds that seek out stocks with the highest yields may not be appropriate as core portfolio building blocks, but they could be employed as a tactical tool to improve the yield of the overall portfolio. Good examples include iShares Select Dividend (DVY ...
The Money Show · 8/28/2015
First Trust Morningstar Dividend Leaders (FDL), iShares Dow Jones Select Dividend (DVY) and Vanguard High Dividend Yield (VYM). One caveat is that these types of funds may be more sensitive to rising interest rates than normal stock funds. If and when ...
Market Watch Commentary · 8/5/2010
See what other ETFs contain both NJR and RRD » See what other stocks are held by DVY » At the closing bell, NJR is up about 1.2%, while RRD is off about 0.2% on the day Friday.
Forbes · 2/1/2013
iShares Dividend Select (DVY) was a little better at 18.1x earnings and 2.1x book value, but they are hardly a bargain. I haven't written about income-producing stocks in a while. I sat down and started running screens and kicking over rocks to see if I ... · ByTim Melvin · 5/21/2015
These sectors can include: preferred stocks, REITs, common stocks ... healthy quarterly dividend streams and balance when paired with quality fixed income. DVY has just pulled back to its 50-day moving average, which is the healthiest decline we have ...
Minyanville · 6/5/2013
So, let's look at the pros and cons of investing in dividend stocks. Then you can decide if they fit into ... There are also several high-dividend ETFs such as the iShares Select Dividend (DVY) and Vanguard High Dividend (VYM), and both yield about 3 ...
Yahoo News · 4/8/2014
Exchange-traded funds that employ a variety of strategies to invest in dividend-paying stocks have been a no-brainer since the ... For the $13 billion iShares Select Dividend ETF (DVY), it's also been five straight months of waving goodbye to cash.
Bloomberg · 7/23/2015
That makes a an ETF such as iShares Dow Jones Select Dividend ETF (DVY ... stock and the dividend itself. Schwab U.S. Dividend ETF (SCHD), launched last fall, has a current yield of 3%. And it pulls that off with just 3.2% invested in the utility sector.
YCharts · 8/21/2012
However, the portfolio has over-diversified exposure to healthcare and dividend paying stocks (NYSEARCA:DVY) by owning multiple funds that invest in the same area. Instead of helping JPG’s portfolio, it’s created a situation of unnecessary clutter.
ETFguide · 7/8/2015