In July, the S&P 500 rose 1.97%. Stock funds that invest primarily overseas took in $18.40 billion from investors vs. $13.64 billion June inflow. In July, the MSCI EAFE index fell 1.01%, while the dollar rose 1.86%. For …
Investors Business Daily · ByPaul Katzeff · 8/26/2015
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Trader Steve Grasso pointed possible upside in discount stock brokerage ETRADE Financial after the move. Steve is long AAPL, BA, BAC, CC, DD, DIS, DECK, EVGN, FIT, KBH, MJNA, MU, PFE, PHM, T, TWTR, GDX.
CNBC · 8/28/2015
... MSCI EAFE Index Fund (EFA), tracking foreign developed markets, slipped 3.5% and 5.5% year to date. iShares MSCI Emerging Markets Index (EEM) crashed 4.4%, deepening its year to date loss to 20.2%. For …
Hargreaves Lansdown · 8/25/2015
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BEIJING (AP) — China's stock market fell Monday by its biggest margin in eight years, defying the government's multibillion-dollar attempt to stop a slide that has wiped out all of the gains of this year's price boom. The …
NWI · 8/24/2015
Investors in iShares MSCI EAFE Value Index Fund (EFV) saw new options begin trading this week, for the October 16th expiration. At Stock Options Channel, our YieldBoost formula has looked up and down the EFV options chain for the new October 16th …
The Street · 8/27/2015
Stock slide is trouble for Hillary Clinton and Snapchat hires ... T, TWTR, GDX. His kids are long EFA, EFG, EWJ, IJR, SPY. His firm and some of its partners are long DVN, BP, COP, CVX, FCX, NE, NEM, OXY, RIG …
Yahoo Finance · 8/26/2015
SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Apple shares helped lead the stock market on a steep dive Monday morning, but the tech giant made a partial recovery after CEO Tim Cook assured a popular Wall Street commentator that his company is still doing well in China.
Pantagraph · 8/24/2015
It's the same strategy many wealth advisers are telling middle-class families to follow: Stick your money in an index fund tracking the stock market and forget about it. If Trump had done that in 1988, he would be worth $13 billion today, more than triple ... · 8/20/2015
That means that on balance investors haven't put a dime into U.S. stock funds since 2005. Talk about a lost decade! How did that work out? From January 2005 through August 17th, the MSCI EAFE Index, of non-U.S.
Seeking Alpha · 8/29/2015
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Over the past 10 years, Oakmark International has returned an annualized 6.7%, putting it in the top 4% of all diversified large-company foreign stock funds. Over that period, the fund has produced almost double the …
Kiplinger · 8/26/2015
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