Edo — A group, the Edo Professionals for Good Gov-ernance (EPGG) has lauded the Edo State Governor, Senator Oserheimen Osunbor, for his commitment to the infrastructural development of the state culminating in the award of contracts for the …
AllAfrica · 1/28/2008
The Company’s authorized Common Stock is 980,000,000 common shares with $0.001 par value. In March 2013, the Company issued 6,000,000 shares of its common stock to three consultants and one attorney in exchange for services to be rendered.
StreetInsider · 5/20/2015
The pitch on behalf of Mountain State Power sounded enticing: For $25,000 and with minimal risk, you could cash in on the green energy boom in Wyoming and South Dakota, taking advantage of a wind farm project partly funded by the federal government ...
Businessweek · 4/12/2012
The September issue of Gelbvieh World is our annual junior feature issue. It highlights the accomplishments of the junior Gelbvieh members at the 2013 Northern Lights Junior Classic
Issuu · 8/9/2010
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