The stock market has hit new highs and growth stocks are leading the way. Whatever growth stocks are. Or value stocks, for that matter. These are two of the most common labels used in investing, and nobody knows …
Market Watch · 11 hours ago
growth stocks
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Many foreign companies are doing it as well. Investors can take advantage of this trend through ETFs that track companies with significant share buybacks, which are intended to boost the stock's price by reducing the …
The Street · 1 hour ago
In my last articles I described various momentum strategies with variable allocations using our maximum Sharpe method. A good example how to build such a strategy is the Universal Investment Strategy which always invests in a variable allocation of the ...
Seeking Alpha · 4 hours ago
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Nearly a quarter of the 1,000 stocks on the Shanghai Composite fell by exchange limit of 10% yesterday. That triggered a sizable sell-off in China ETFs trading in the U.S. Thursday’s nine worst ETFs in terms of …
Yahoo Finance · 9 hours ago
Market Vectors Semiconductor (ARCA:SMH), the largest ETF focused on the subindustry, was up 0.6% to 59.88 in the stock market today. That number marks a new high as investors digest the news of Avago …
Investors Business Daily · 1 hour ago
Broad-market exchange-traded funds, including SPY, IWM and IVV were mostly weaker. Actively traded PowerShares QQQ (QQQ) was down 0.4%. U.S. stocks continued to slip into negative territory, weighed by bearish economic data. The final May …
NASDAQ · 3 hours ago
Investors who are more patient should instead become more interested if China cheapens. If you fit that profile, you could consider two ETFs that favor Chinese stocks listed in Hong Kong or other offshore exchanges …
The Wall Street Journal · ByJason Zweig · 4 hours ago
The economy continues to come up with offhand economic data for quite some time and investors are not tired of pouring their money into China ETFs on hopes of intensified policy easing. Chinese stocks soared to a seven-year high recently as bets on ...
ZACKS · 4 hours ago
This had an adverse impact on stock prices when U.S. investors repatriated returns from foreign shores. In fact, the greenback touched a 12-year high this March against the Euro. As a result, currency hedged ETFs
MSN · 5 hours ago
Unlike an ETF or a mutual fund, (a closed-end fund ... In addition, unlike any other area where opinion determines whether a stock is overvalued or undervalued, with a closed-end fund that is not the case. With a closed-end fund, the NAV is the NAV.
CNN Money · 5 hours ago