That pressure, plus the drop in the EURJPY FX cross lowered risk appetite globally ... had been shuttered because of a radiation leak contributed to the selling. Tech stocks underperformed as the Nasdaq-100 (NDX) fell by 0.61%. The December Conference ...
Minyanville · 12/30/2014
A shaky start in US equities as the leading indices start deep in the red. The S&P 500 was down over 10pts in the early exchanges, and the Dow was well over 100pts down within in a few minutes of trading. This is keeping USD/JPY near the session lows …
FX Market Alerts · 1/5/2015
While entering long seems compelling from a purely technical perspective, we will tactically opt to stand aside.The correlation between EURJPY and the S&P 500 stock index warns the pair may sink if risk aversion breaks out following a Greece-focused ...
Finance Yahoo · ByIlya Spivak · 2/11/2015
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One currency pair that tends to follow stock market moves is the EUR/JPY. Just like equities today, the EUR/JPY had a hard time getting out of its own way as it fell to levels of support that could potentially be very helpful in mounting any kind of advance.
Action Forex · 4/1/2015
“Many central banks are doing their own thing and that’s feeding uncertainties and will probably lead to risk aversion in markets such as stocks.” · 1/16/2015
The EUR/JPY pair broke higher during the session on Tuesday ... One of these ways to tell which way this market “should” be heading, take a look at the overall health of the stock markets around the world. This pair tends to go higher when stock ... · 11/12/2014
Accordingly we remain short EUR/USD. Overnight risk sentiment was stable with most Asian stock markets trading higher at the time of writing. The main focus was on Japanese growth data. At 0.6% QoQ (prev. -0.5%, cons. 0.9%) Q4 GDP was released … · 2/16/2015
The volatility in stocks isn’t likely to end with Q1 though as the persistence of the Federal Reserve’s “will they, or won’t they” narrative is likely to continue until June at least. Each new US data release helps bolster the case of those who ... · 3/31/2015
However, with correlations between U.S. stocks, U.S. junk bonds ... will be the obvious pain trade in a scenario of a risk meltup," says Woo. "A break of EUR/JPY above the technical resistance level at 130 could lead to overshooting as trend followers ...
The Business Insider · ByMatthew Boesler · 5/7/2013
With interest rates nearly at zero percent in the U.S., global investors seeking higher risks and returns are borrowing dollars to invest in higher yielding instruments such as stocks and commodities ... leading currencies (EUR, JPY, GBP, CAD, CHF, SEK ...
CNBC · 12/3/2009