With money flowing out of these markets, we usually see EUR/JPY fall as traders run for cover. On the flip side, when the sun is bright and risk appetite is rampant, investors pour their money into stock markets, which in turns leads to a rise in the EUR ...
FCF · 11/5/2014
Greg Michalowski of charts a currency pair that seemed to have been somewhat attached to the ups and downs in equities on Thursday. Greg also points out what currency traders should be on the lookout for next. I want to move like stocks.
The Money Show · 10/17/2014
An important Question is whether the correction in stocks were finished and JPY would extend ... If the breakout does not happen, review the mark to sell EUR/ USD again next week. EUR/JPY Weekly Outlook EUR/JPY’s consolidation fro 134.13 …
Live Trading News · 10/26/2014
Yesterday’s trade saw EUR/JPY within the range of 133.99-135.34 ... The country’s Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis will ask for additional 8 billion euros in the stock of Treasury Bills Greece is allowed, according to a government official who ... · 2/11/2015
Stocks finished lower for a second week. First, the scoreboard: And now, the top stories on Friday: DON'T MISS: Here's the 'spillover effect' so many people in markets are worried about
The Business Insider · 6/5/2015
That pressure, plus the drop in the EURJPY FX cross lowered risk appetite globally ... had been shuttered because of a radiation leak contributed to the selling. Tech stocks underperformed as the Nasdaq-100 (NDX) fell by 0.61%. The December Conference ...
Minyanville · 12/30/2014
This may also break the EURJPY out of its bear flag formation. Rumor of a ratings downgrade for some European countries is tugging traders risk appetite in the worldwide stock markets. As a result, the Dow Jones Industrials is breaking below 12,400 which ...
Sydney Morning Herald · 1/14/2012
Draghi has reiterated that the ECB stands ready to act if needed, which could be enough to weigh on EUR, particularly if it supports equities, given the inverse relationship between European stocks and EUR. JPY: Still Look for Strength. Bullish. · 7/19/2015
Also, the EUR/JPY (euro vs. the yen) pair will prosper as stocks improve. You will find that this pair “tracks” stocks the most closely over longer periods of time. Therefore, as money runs away from the dollar and the yen and to the euro, EUR/JPY ...
Seeking Alpha · 12/23/2008
The euro rose 0.79 percent to 140.42 yen EURJPY=EBS. MSCI's all-country stock index .MIWD00000PUS climbed 1.1 percent. Greek stocks were 9 percent .ATG higher, while Greek bank shares surged 20.8 percent .FTATBNK. European shares .FTEU3 …
Reuters · ByCaroline Valetkevitch · 6/22/2015