The basic services are free, but Finviz offers an elite subscription that starts at $24.96 a month. Charting is integral for any trader who uses technical analysis, which involves evaluating past movements as a means to …
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The stock's long-term debt/equity ratio is 0.03. (Monthly return data sourced from Zacks Investment Research. All otherdata sourced from FINVIZ.)
NASDAQ · 1 day ago
Argentine election
but if that occurs (in the absence of a QE 4 or the like), I do not think it would be especially inflationary and would not be good for stocks as a whole. However, if you look at the oil chart above from FINVIZ, notice that for …
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Apple Inc. (AAPL)’S monthly performance stands at 0.86% with an analyst rating of 1.90</p> <center><i>(Click To Expand Current Stock Data:)</i></center><a href=” · 11/16/2015
Apple Inc
View photo (Finviz) Elsewhere in commodities on Monday morning, copper was barreling down towards $200 for the first time since 2009. Silver was down by more than 1%, just under $14 an ounce. Stocks were higher …
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Crude oil
None of the other free stock screeners have the ability to combine technical and fundamental metrics which is what puts Finviz second. #3 Google Finance Stock Screener Google Finance's stock screener is the third best free stock screener on the web.
The Motley Fool · ByDan Dzombak · 11/7/2014
Finviz Stocks closed lower on Tuesday, with the Dow falling 181 points, and the Nasdaq closing down 10 points. And the moves lower in futures suggests that Wednesday may also be a tough day for stocks.
The Business Insider · 7/21/2015
Further, when the market picks up, you might enjoy share price appreciation in addition to the dividends. Here’s how to use the FINVIZ stock screener to pinpoint dividend payers worth considering. Select screener on the FINVIZ homepage to access its …
The Santa Cruz Sentinel · 12/11/2014
Here’s how you can use the free and user-friendly Finviz stock screener to find utilities worth considering. From the Finviz home page, select “Screener” from the top menu to display the available screening parameters which Finviz calls “filters.”
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If that doesn't meet your needs, or you just want to try some other screening tools that are available, either for free or at a price.Try Zacks Investment Research's Stock Screener or Finviz Stock Screener: Zacks Investment Research's Stock Screener here ... · 11/19/2009
I did a quick screen courtesy of FINVIZ looking for stocks to buy in the U.S. — anything trading within 5% of its 52-week low and possessing a minimum market cap of $300 million. When stocks start to fall that low, it’s usually a good bet that some are ...
Investor Place · ByWill Ashworth · 6/16/2014