According to the letter, Slide Fire told ATF that the stock "is intended to ... convert semi-automatic guns to fully automatic, says James Wright, a gun policy expert who teaches sociology at University of Central Florida, "You would think the National ...
Mother Jones · ByDana Liebelson · 12/21/2012
The center used stock footage from another anti-abortion organization to ... Trump, meanwhile, insisted that what he said at the debate about not wanting to build a casino in Florida was “100 percent accurate,” despite what fact checkers wrote.
Fact Check · 9/22/2015
A pantsless male motorist wearing “female underwear” was traveling to “get something from the Lowe’s store” when he was pulled over and arrested for driving with a suspended license, Florida police ... retailer does not stock men’s underwear.
The Smoking Gun · 1/15/2014
He had actual kind words to say about his Senate colleague Ted Cruz (R-Texas), a man who, not even two years ago, he called “a laughing stock to everybody but him ... and ire quite like Rubio. The Florida Republican is the ascendant candidate ...
The Huffington Post · BySam Stein · 10/29/2015
Appeals court upholds $1-billion award for builder Lennar in dispute that landed Barry Minkow in prison The Florida Court of Appeal upheld a ... a “financial crime in progress,” causing its stock price to nose dive by more than $500 million.
Los Angeles Times · 4/4/2015
He has one in the family: My grandma (I am 27) quite literally daily drives a bone stock 1999 VR4 which is OEM to the nut ... I get to drive it every winter while they are in Florida. It is fun, but for my 6’1-240 frame it is CRAMPED.
Jalopnik · 9/1/2015
Jeb Bush has fallen victim to what appears to be the first Photoshop fail of the 2016 campaign. A super PAC supporting the former Florida Governor’s bid for the Republican presidential nomination released its first mailer to Iowa voters this week.
Time · 8/21/2015
IDG News Service | Feb 5, 2015 4:53 PM PT Verizon Communications will sell its local wireline operations in California, Florida and Texas for $10.5 billion, citing uncertainty around federal Internet regulation as one reason for the move. Following the ...
Computer World · ByStephen Lawson · 2/6/2015
Toll Holdings Limited, a transportation and logistics firm based in Australia and a major freight forwarder in the United States and Canada, has agreed to a buyout by Japan Post. Under terms of a deal approved by Toll’s board of directors Feb. 18, Japan ...
Transport Topics · 2/19/2015
Yamaha WaveRunner riders wrapped up one of the most one-sided race seasons in the history of motorsports, winning 6 of 7 national pro titles at the Pro Watercross Tour finale held August 16-17 in Charleston, West Virginia. In all, Yamaha racers aboard … · 8/18/2015
Will the Tennessee Titans trade away the No. 2 overall pick in the 2015 NFL Draft? It's a possibility, but the pick will not come cheap to any interested party. "... Are they open to trading? They are, but it would take a lot to actually make it happen.
NFL · 4/6/2015