It’s worth mentioning that exchange-traded notes, or ETNs, are not stocks or mutual funds, but unsecured debt sold on the stock exchanges. Their value is linked to the movements in an index. The fund’s doppelganger, VelocityShares 3x Long Crude ETN ...
USA TODAY MONEY · ByJohn Waggoner · 12/22/2014
In trading on Friday, silver shares were relative leaders, up on the day by about 3.1%. Leading the group were shares of Hana Mining Limited (HMG.CA), up about 9.8% and shares of Coeur Dalene Mines (NYSE:CDE) up about 6.7% on the day. Also …
Market News Video · 6/18/2014
One of those things is checking in on ETFs some people thought were a smart idea at the time, and now doesn’t look so good. Without Further ado, the Top 10 worst performing ETFs over the past twelve months:
Value Walk · 11/25/2014
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At a Ronkonkoma research facility whose engineers have spent half a century laying the groundwork for hypersonic flight, the Defense Department is pouring $60 million into a wind tunnel unlike any in the world. The facility, run by a unit of Alliant ...
Newsday · ByKen Schachter · 10/10/2014
Now let’s look at the most overbought and oversold stocks (according to ConnorsRSI) heading into trading for October 6, 2014. ConnorsRSI is a proprietary and quantified momentum oscillator developed by Connors Research that indicates the level to which ...
Trading Markets · 5/20/2015
feed stroke & 1,068 rpm maximum rotary speed. Dolly-mounted rigs are available with gasoline engines & electric motors. Stock items are also available. CE certified. Standard test products for safety valve testing & control valve test stands complying with ... · 5/21/2015