Apple stock gained Monday after the company confirmed a minor acquisition ... purchasing a Santa Clara company that specializes in extremely accurate global positioning systems, or GPS. Originally reported by …
NewsFactor Business Report · 12 hours ago
These factors include demand for agricultural products, world grain stocks, weather conditions (including its effects ... Customer and company operations and results also could be affected by changes to GPS radio frequency bands or their permitted uses.
Bloomberg · 5 hours ago
"You can't just walk into a pharmacy and stock up on Calpol for your kids ... said he often acts as kind of patient filter for GPs. "It's an opportunity for people to just walk in on the day and see a pharmacist for advice …
BBC · 1 day ago
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Sand would be made available at stock-yards located at Bettadamane, Donagodu, Angadi, Kanachuru and Hiresigara in Mudigere taluk and Uttameshwara in Koppa taluk. The public would have to choose GPS-fitted trucks for transporting sand to their …
The Hindu · 19 hours ago
The iPhone is now price at only $199. They also demoed some location-based services for the iPhone, which may have hurt GPS device maker, Garmin. Garmin’s stock fell 2.85, or 5.8%, to $46.74, and may have been due to the iPhone’s new navigation ... · 6/10/2008
No. GPS spoofing simply tells vehicle operators (or ... company’s tracking technology has managed to disrupt the trade records of the London Stock Exchange for 10 minutes every day using a GPS jammer. And in 2009, another truck driver managed to ...
Digital Trends · ByAndrew Couts · 7/30/2013
Here are the top 10 stocks by rank, regardless of sector, with DivGro holdings highlighted: GPS is a global apparel retail company that offers apparel, accessories, and personal care products under the Gap, Banana Republic, and Old Navy brands, among …
Seeking Alpha · 3/16/2015
You can view your calendar and monitor your stock portfolio ... they’re missing sensors and/or GPS. And unlike the majority of smartwatches currently for sale, Microsoft Band works with Windows, Android phones, and the iPhone, too.
Geek · ByLee Mathews · 10/31/2014
Asian stocks closed higher earlier in the global trading day ... per share guidance but its revenues guidance trailed expectations. Among retailers, Gap (GPS) reported a decline in its first quarter earnings and its revenues missed expectations.
Morningstar · 8 hours ago
In addition, the package includes 14,500 missile guidance systems — known as tail kits for Joint Direct Attack Munitions — which convert unguided bombs into GPS guided missiles ... to replenish Israeli arms stocks
The Times of Israel · 10 hours ago