U.S. apparel retailers such as Guess, Aeropostale Inc (ARO) and Gap Inc (GPS) have been facing stiff competition from fast-fashion retailers including Inditex's Zara ... closed at $21.16 on the New York Stock Exchange on Tuesday.
Fox Business · 7/14/2015
Simply by raising the wrist and talking to a smartwatch running DuWear OS, people will receive immediate feedback on weather and stock information ... Baidu will also install mapping and GPS software into the OS to provide navigation services to consumers.
ZDNet · 4/16/2015
Except for a bolt-in roll bar, a racing harness, and a fire-extinguishing system required by TRC, Heuschele’s Hellcat was stock ... s GPS LapTimer recorded data. A medevac helicopter was on hand just in case. Instrumented Test: 2015 Dodge Charger ...
CAR AND DRIVER · ByDon Sherman · 1/28/2015
And the HTC One M9 continues the well-designed tradition ... HTC created an optional widget that will essentially learn your routine, using GPS to discern whether you're at work, home, or somewhere else, and immediately serve up apps you'd normally ...
Gizmodo · 3/1/2015
The GizmoPal also comes with a companion app, available for iOS and Android, which uses GPS features to allow you ... start selling it on December 11th (some in the Midwest have it in stock as of today).
Engadget · ByEdgar Alvarez · 11/26/2014
The national GP influenza surveillance network says diagnosis of the flu increased dramatically in the last two weeks of May with 20 per cent of patient swabs collected by GPs testing positive ... s Professor Nigel Stocks says when the United States ... · 6/1/2015
Overall, there are eight general topics that DARPA is attempting to rethink: dominance in the electromagnetic spectrum, improving weapons that can operate in a GPS-denied environment, maintaining air superiority in contested environments, continuing ...
Defense News · 3/26/2015
“They’d get a call from a store manager somewhere saying, ‘Hey, Coke Zero is out of stock you need to come back and restock ... The answer is yes, and the reason is smartphones and GPS. “The ability to create a marketplace really depends on …
Market Place · 3/9/2015
This enables it to act as a pedometer in addition to tracking your distance traveled via GPS ... the other stock “Camera” app) includes all the lovely manual controls. Nokia has removed the hardware camera button from the Lumia 635.
PC World · 7/22/2014
Shares of Exelis soared as much as 37.4 percent to a record $24.34 on Friday, topping the $23.75 per share cash-and-stock offer from Harris ... sonar systems and GPS navigation systems. Harris's products include intelligence, surveillance and ...
Reuters · 2/6/2015