Binge watching your favorite Netflix show can lead to fatal blood clots, according to a new study. The Osaka University in Japan recently released a study that shows how prolonged television watchers have a six-fold …
New York Daily News · 31 minutes ago
blood clots
Officials at one of California’s most notoriously dangerous prisons Sunday sought to determine the source of a Legionnaires’ disease outbreak. There have been six confirmed cases of the severe respiratory illness at …
International Business Times · 35 minutes ago
San Quentin
Heavy pot smoking may lower your sperm count says a new study. (Photo: Jim Mone, AP) (NEWSER) – Smoking pot could damage your semen quality, or so suggests a new study out of Denmark. Some 1,215 Danish …
USA Today · 11 hours ago
sperm count
That old makeup you keep in your kit is a host for killer bacteria, a new study has revealed. Scientists from the London Metropolitan University Biomedical Science did a laboratory test on five out-of-date cosmetic …
HNGN · 2 hours ago
Meningitis Bacteria
With the costs of medical care steadily increasing, hospitals are being pressured by the government and the public to find new and more efficient ways of doing things. In response, hospitals are experimenting with models … · 28 minutes ago
(Reuters) - Bayer will move a new heart failure drug into final-stage testing this year, boosting its ambitions in cardiovascular medicine, after the experimental medicine proved better than an older rival in a mid-stage trial.
Yahoo News · 19 minutes ago
A drug from Alnylam Pharmaceuticals Inc. and Medicines Co. cut bad cholesterol levels among patients in a small trial by about as much as new treatments from Sanofi, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc., and Amgen Inc.
The Boston Globe · 2 hours ago
bad cholesterol
Despite creation of a drug regulatory agency, the problem of counterfeit drugs remains a massive and deadly problem in Pakistan. "My daughter got ill with pneumonia, so I was told to give her some powder medication from …
KCCI 8 Des Moines · 34 minutes ago
drugs trade
Professional background: Northeast Regional Cancer Institute board of directors and vice president and chief information officer for Allied Services of Pennsylvania. Title: Event chairman Q: Tell us about the history of …
The Times Tribune · ByPatrice Wilding · 10 minutes ago
Cancer Survivors
The finding, published Aug. 27 in PLOS ONE, identifies a new barrier to caring for patients with this severe condition. Prior to the FDA approval of novel antiviral therapies for HCV in 2014, treatment options for patients …
HealthCanal · 34 minutes ago
KINGSVILLE — The rapid growth and regeneration of deer antlers may provide important information for treating human bone disease and degeneration, according to researchers at Texas A&M University-Kingsville's …
Corpus Christi Caller · 27 minutes ago
Liberians shake hands in Nyehn Town, Todee District in a suburb outside Monrovia, Liberia, Thursday. Handshakes were outlawed as the region dealt with the Ebola outbreak. FREETOWN, Sierra Leone — Health officials in …
New York Daily News · 2 hours ago
Sierra Leone
The state’s top health services officer says creating a new, separate treatment facility for mentally ill patients who have committed crimes may be the only way for the Riverview Psychiatric Center to regain federal …
Portland Press Herald · BySteve Mistler · 52 minutes ago
forensic patients
Parents and doctors need to take the lead in talking to kids about drinking, and they need to do it before children try their first sip, the main pediatricians' group says. And that moment might come sooner than most …
NBC News · 4 hours ago
After more than 50 years as a medical and science writer, I’m pained to see that childhood immunizations, perhaps the most important health and lifesaving advance of the last century, are being seriously eroded by …
Citizen's Voice · 42 minutes ago
(Family Features) During the busy back-to-school time, it’s easy for nutrition to take a back seat in the rush to get out the door in the morning and to all of the after-school activities on time. Something as simple as a …
Mymonticello news · 6 minutes ago
John Dorman, MD is a Native Texan and has been practicing neurosurgery at West Texas Neurosurgery in Midland and Odessa since 2004. Dr. Dorman is board certified by the American Board of Neurological Surgery …
Odessa American · 58 minutes ago
West Texas Neurosurgery
BIRMINGHAM, Ala. -- Disease and suicide are claiming inmates on Alabama's death row faster than the executioner. With Alabama's capital punishment mechanism on hold for more than two years because of legal …
WPMI NBC Local 15 · 17 minutes ago
death row
Within a day of partial knee replacement surgery in the spring, James Arrow was up and walking around at home. A physical therapist from Abington Memorial Hospital gave him strict instructions about exercise to ensure … · 28 minutes ago
health care
(Family Features) Approximately 1.5 million American women live with atrial fibrillation, a heart disorder commonly known as “AFib” that can lead to deadly or life-impairing stroke. For an undiagnosed woman living with …
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