We have two very different smartphone designs. Apple’s iPhone 6 is made up from all aluminum with a seamless metal and glass design, but like the OnePlus 2 there’s no removable battery or Micro SD card …
9 to 5 Mac · 8 hours ago
The upcoming iPhone 6s will very likely not look different from the iPhone 6, as the latest image leaked to the Internet shows. The image was obtained by GSM Arena from ITSKINS, a manufacturer of iPhone cases and …
Tech Times · 14 hours ago
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Designed by Many The AL13 Slim (iPhone 6 and 6 Plus; $49) is a stylish aluminum bumper case that seamlessly blends with Apple’s industrial design. The bumper sports press-through button covers that keep dust …
Macworld Mac Central · 5 hours ago
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The iPhone 6 is no doubt a big hit in the market, but there is another metal-bodied device from Samsung, the Galaxy A8, hoping to challenge Apple's dominance. Here is how these two devices compare. The iPhone 6
Ecumenical News · 2 hours ago
iPhone 6S fascia production line leak – Image courtesy of Read more – iPhone 6S Will Keep Worst iPhone 6 Feature This includes the display ... photos some way and whether a more exciting design
Forbes · 7/26/2015
The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus arrived on the scene with a number of high-powered features including larger displays, new designs, improved cameras, a new processor, iOS 8, a 128GB storage option, and the …
Gotta Be Mobile · ByAdam Mills · 7 hours ago
For the time being, the iPhone 6 Plus is the only Apple smartphone to arrive with a screen larger than 5 inches and it’s expected receive a successor later this year. The new Moto X Style shares many of the design
Android Geeks · 8 hours ago
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The cases point to an unchanged design in new phones. The camera sensor and flash light ... and it is 60% tougher than the material used in current iPhone 6. The iPhone 6s will feature a 4.7-inch display while its …
Value Walk · ByVikas Shukla · 7 hours ago
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If you’re taking your iPhone 6 Plus on vacation with you ... Say what you will about cases messing up the form and hiding the elegant design of your phone, but this is exactly what they’re made for. · 3 hours ago
Which begs the question: should you buy the iPhone 6 right now or hold back and wait for the iPhone ... which means that on the design front, you’ll be getting the current aesthetics out of the box come September …
WCCF Tech · 7/28/2015
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