Significant strength was also visible among biotechnology stocks, as reflected by the 3.6 percent gain posted by the NYSE Arca Biotechnology Index. Alkermes (ALKS), United Therapeutics (UTHR) and Incyte (INCY) posted standout gains. Trucking …
New Ratings · 2/9/2015
Peter Vollenweider and Gérard Waeber received financial support from GlaxoSmithKline to build the CoLaus study. Inês Barroso owns stock in the companies GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) and Incyte (INCY).
Nature · 5/17/2009
After trailing this bull market for six years, hedge funds are starting to outperform as volatility increases and stock picking becomes more difficult. CNBC Pro analyzes which stocks are helping them outperform.
CNBC · ByGiovanny Moreano · 3/25/2015
The overall market cap of these companies dominates the remaining portfolio as seen below: Consequently, the index is not market cap weighted but rather equally weights each stock in the portfolio. This means that 24% of the index returns will be highly ... · 4/22/2015
Analysts and investors may have been ready for Gilead Sciences ($GILD) to make an M&A move before now. But with stocks on a slide, they might be glad Gilead hasn't yet. And that, in turn, could put a bigger target on the table. Last month, Gilead …
FiercePharma · ByTracy Staton · 8/25/2015
Biotechnology sector analyst Jay Silverman looks at a number of upcoming catalysts that could impact some of his favorite biotech stocks; Here, the editor of the Medical Technology Stock Letter reviews biotech firms that are making progress in Lupus ...
The Money Show · 6/22/2015
The biotech stock slingshot: Optimism about growth and M&A speculation have boosted the sector. Who needs earnings? The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of Paul R. La Monica. Other than Time Warner, the parent of CNNMoney …
CNN Money · ByPaul R. La · 6/10/2014
The stock market may have been a rollercoaster in recent weeks, yet over the past year biotech shares have mostly outperformed Wall Street as a whole. That accounts for one interesting finding in this year’s GEN List of Top 25 Biotech Companies—a 23.
Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News · 9/21/2015
Dow Jones component American Express Co. (AXP) saw its stock move -0.48% to $75.14, representing a per-share move of $0.36, on volume of 4.45 million shares for Monday. American Express Co. currently has a total float of 1 billion shares and moves …
Equities · 9/15/2015
The animal enthusiast introduced elk and wild boar to the Alladale Estate on a temporary trial basis before reverting to less unusual stock such as Highland cattle. But he has faced opposition from farmers, walkers and legal experts over his new plan of ...
Daily Telegraph · 10/28/2013