When planning for retirement, one option for some people is the SEP IRA. The SEP IRA stands for simplified Employee Pension Individual Retirement Account. This is a special type a retirement plan designed for small business and the self-employed.
Best Syndication · 5/16/2007
I'm a retiree without much income, but I do have an IRA with a current value of about $100,000. I've heard that converting an IRA to a Roth IRA makes sense only if you are younger and many years away from retirement. Do you agree? The short answer to …
South Bend Tribune · 2/24/2013
IBD wants people to save, invest and do well. One way to do that is by using a Roth IRA. This column will give a quick overview of this type of account — as well as some ideas on how different IBD features can help you with managing your Roth IRA.
Investor's Business Daily · ByVictor Reklaitis · 4/13/2012
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If you believe in your business and think it has the potential to be a long-term success, why not make an investment in it using your retirement plan? Can it be done? You bet it can, using a so-called "self-directed IRA." To be clear, this isn't the same ...
Entrepreneur · 5/11/2007
I agree with your accountant. An IRA is a great way to sock away money for your later years-- especially since you don't have any other retirement plan. The question is really what kind of IRA you are eligible for. Keep in mind that maximum contribution to ...
FOX News · 4/26/2001
As The Lost Colony theatre company makes its final preparations for the opening of its 78th season of presenting Paul Green’s celebrated "symphonic drama" about the first English settlement in the New World on …
Outer Banks Sentinel · 5/27/2015
Real estate titan Sam Zell is next up at the Ira Sohn Conference. His message is no particular stock pick, but rather the dramatic change coming to the US with the election of Barack Obama and what Zell calls “one party leadership” in Washington.
Barron's · ByTiernan Ray · 5/26/2010
LONDON -- Making good on a threat to step up its attacks in England, the Irish Republican Army set off a small bomb near the country`s busiest railroad junction in South London before rush hour on Monday morning. A caller to a TV station identified himself ...
SunSentinel · 12/17/1991
In an ideal world, parents would set aside enough money to both send their children to college and ensure their own comfortable retirement. 401ks, IRAs, 529s, and all other various accounts would be fully funded with money to spare for a Mediterranean ... · 3/5/2012
Online discount brokers have a variety of resources that the average investor might not know about. One of those resources is housing your Independent Retirement Account, commonly known as your IRA. Whether you are looking to open a traditional IRA ...
The Dough Roller · 1/23/2015