Stock index futures for several major indices fell several percentage ... Drugs running rampant and destroying lives. ISIS beheading Christians. Iranian radicals with nuclear weapons,” he says ominously. “Now, Hillary …
The Fiscal Times · 8/24/2015
Dow Jones
Today, just one day after claiming that the recent stock market sell-off was God’s judgment for ... the best thing that ever happened to the world is for these crazies in ISIS to keep on beheading people and doing some of these extreme things.”
Right Wing Watch · 1 day ago
Pat Robertson
Al-Qaida complains that ISIS is getting all the ink. The Obama administration is trying like heck to find 34 senators who actually don't hate the Iran deal too much — and threatening Chuck Schumer in the process. The stock market sinks into correction ...
Derby: “Stocks snapped a six-day losing streak Wednesday ... Some takeaways? Terrorism. Yes, ISIS or ISIL is going to shake things up. According to the survey, released on Tuesday, 82 percent say volatility and …
Politico · ByBen White · 8/27/2015
Donald Trump
JPMorgan Chase & Co. says the country’s $207 billion stock market has become more appealing after a ... namely premature elections, the ISIS attacks could force both the dominant AK Party and the opposition CHP to put the nation’s defense above …
Bloomberg · 7/24/2015
There’s tension over other issues, including China’s efforts to devalue its currency – recent stock market plunge • U.S. officials ... bilateral meeting (and got nowhere apparently) • ISIS fighters have severely damaged the nearly 2,000-year ...
Talk Radio News Service · 8/31/2015
On August 24, major stock markets in the United States opened their trading sessions with significant declines and sustained losses of 3 to 5 percent throughout much of the morning. Fox News used the event to advocate on behalf of numerous failed ...
Media Matters · 5/21/2015
ISIS? Not a peep. Obama’s quiet because the war is not going ... They will be important yet strangely peripheral, in the same way that the Chinese stock exchange meltdown was a only manifestation of something … · 8/30/2015
Imagine two or three situations arising simultaneously, and you can see why I view crude oil as the global currency of choice and why investors need to put together a shortlist of blue-chip oil stocks that ... like ISIS, will again destabilize the region.
Human Events Blog · 1 day ago
Crude oil
Harlem Suarez, a/k/a “Almlak Benitez,” 23, of Stock Island ... page revealed Suarez claimed to be from Key West, Florida, and listed his “likes” as: “Jihadist,” “Extraordinary Prayer for ISIS,” and “Prayers for ISIS: Weapons of our ...
CBS Miami · 7/28/2015