The stock holdings are mostly large-cap U.S. stocks and the bonds have an average investment grade credit quality of “BBB” and an average in maturity/duration of intermediate-term (five to 10 years). Investors considering JABAX will like the solid ...
Investor Place · 6/29/2015
Investors need not worry about the timing of stock picking and selling as the fund manager ... and short-term securities. JABAX carries a Zacks Mutual Fund Rank #2 (Buy). It has returned 9.4%, 10.6% and 8.5% over the last 1, 3 and 5-year periods.
Yahoo Finance · 3/5/2015
All of the firm's stock funds beat the benchmark S&P 500 index's 21% return, most by a wide margin. Only two Janus funds, (JAEIX) (38.5%) and (JABAX) (23.5%) -- which owns stocks and bonds -- returned less than 48%. Meanwhile, five funds posted triple ...
The Street · 4/18/1993
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Once a racy highflier, this balanced (stock and bond) fund turned conservative when portfolio ... The $4 billion Janus Balanced Fund (JABAX) is up 5.5 percent over the past 12 months and had a three-year annualized decline of 3.6 percent.
Chicago Tribune · 8/24/2003
April 14, 2005 -- Janus Capital Group (JNS) said Karen Reidy will relinquish her portfolio management responsibilities on Janus Balanced Fund (JABAX) and Janus Core Equity ... and Income Fund (JAGIX). Sohn's stock-picking style is "quite similar to Karen ...
Think Advisor · 4/19/2005
But moderate-allocation offering Janus Balanced JABAX (as well as institutional clone Janus Aspen ... The managers don’t usually veer too far from the fund’s neutral 60/40 stock/bond split. For example, its equity weighting was 57% at the end of ...
Morning Star · 8/3/2015
During the stock market's recent setback ... is a sound choice. So is Janus Balanced ( JABAX), which has 60% in stocks. (Chris invests his 401(k) money through a Fidelity brokerage account, so he can buy these funds without sales charges.)
Washington Post · 3/13/2008
Janus Balanced (JABAX - MF report) offers a balanced approach to asset allocation for more conservative investors. The fund is a great addition to the portfolios of investors seeking an actively allocated mix of stocks and bonds. The fund has historically ...
ZACKS · 3/16/2009
JABAX) Janus Core Equity Fund (Nasdaq:JAEIX) Janus Risk-Managed Stock Fund (Nasdaq:JRMSX) Janus Mid Cap Value Fund (Nasdaq:JMCVX) (Nasdaq:JMIVX) Janus Small CapValue Fund (Nasdaq:JSCVX) (Nasdaq:JSIVX) Janus Federal Tax-Exempt …
GlobeNewswire · 10/10/2003