Bing, Thursday, August 7: The USD/JPY rose 0.2 percent to ¥102.279 as of 12:29 BST on news that Japan’s public pension fund plans to pour more funds into the domestic stock market, which put the yen under pressure. The news has pulled …
Invezz · 8/8/2014
The JPY still remains the most favoured funding currency. The correlation between changes in USD/JPY and stocks, as well as interest rate spreads, has been very high (above 0.5 on weekly data). If the Fed chooses to raise rates, global yields go up … · 11/12/2015
It agreed in October to sell its image sensor business to Sony Corp. The accounting scandal rendered Toshiba on the Tokyo Stock Exchange's so-called watch ... conglomerate posted an operating loss of JPY 79.5 …
NDTV · 11/27/2015
Sales of the Every Phone in Japan starts November 28 and Yamada Denki will be throwing a Bluetooth keyboard worth JPY 4600, around $37.50 ... and forward Jalen Reynolds and guards Remy Abell and J.P. Stocks · 16 hours ago
Thinnest Windows Phone
US government bond yields fell on Friday night as earlier weakness in stocks (led by the Chinese market ... Even the Yen was not immune to US dollar strength on Friday night, with USD/JPY rising from a low of 122.31 …
Gladstone Observer · 1 day ago
bond yields
In weekly terms, AUD/JPY lost 1.73%, while marking the steepest weekly drop ... Orders (30%), Output (25%), Employment (20%), Suppliers’ Delivery Times (15%) and Stock of Items Purchased (10%), with the Delivery Times index inverted, so that it … · 10/31/2015
Stock market futures are defying fiscal cliff fears. There is chatter about comments from Senator Bob Corker saying a fiscal cliff deal will probably happen today. Update: Here is what he said. “I do think something is going to happen. I think it happens ... · 12/31/2012
Greg Michalowski of charts a currency pair that seemed to have been somewhat attached to the ups and downs in equities on Thursday. Greg also points out what currency traders should be on the lookout for next. I want to move like stocks.
The Money Show · 10/17/2014
... have been borrowing the JPY and leveraging up and buying Japanese stocks. In effect they have been selling short the Yen, 2013 will go down as the "year of the JPY carry trade". You are probably asking yourselves, have hedge funds bought US stocks?
Safe Haven · 12/25/2013
Even without a bungled US montary tapering, the Nikkei could be blind-sided by a renewed run-up in JPY given that Japanese stock prices remain extremely sensitive to currency movement. As is shown in the chart below, the bears that shorted the Nikkei in ...
istock Analyst · 8/1/2013