“It’s like a mini-mini-miniature Y2K,” he said. “Everybody knows this is coming.” The New York Stock Exchange will add the leap second before opening for trading Wednesday morning.
New York Post · 6/28/2015
and stock exchanges around the globe are bracing for it. Clocks went atomic in 1967, but since then the pace of the earth’s rotation has slowed. To keep clocks in sync with the genuine time, scientists have added a …
Sanfrancisco cbslocal · 5 hours ago
Markets Brace
This year's will be the first leap second since 1997 that will occur when some stock markets around the world are still operating. Due to this, various exchanges are handling the situation by closing early or opening later … · 8 hours ago
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Two, the stock is down just 1.17% intraday (June 26 ... (For related reading, see: Whole Foods Isn't Afraid to Leap in New Direction.) Even if Whole Foods Market suffers the worst possible public reaction, it could …
Investopedia · 12 hours ago
Whole Foods
In the past, leap seconds have caused problems for computer systems, often because scientists don't know about the extra second until the last minute (figuratively speaking). For instance, the extra second can create …
Live Science · 9 hours ago
Not everyone recognises the leap second, although Apple does on its devices. Google devices sync with internet time usually tied to atomic clocks. Financial markets like the New York Stock Exchange will take the leap second into account, closing the …
Dhaka Tribune · 6 hours ago
After speaking to family in Greece, they advised us to bring extra euros with us and not to worry. We are going to take a leap of faith and trust that we will still enjoy our two weeks with the possibility that we may hit …
The Seattle Times · 6 hours ago
June 30 Will Be a Second Longer This Year June 29 -- Bloomberg's Bob Ivry reports on the June 30 leap second adjustment and its possible impact on stock market exchanges and other computer networks. He speaks on "Bloomberg Markets." Check out …
USA Today · 7 hours ago
This time around, however, some companies have better prepared their systems to handle the "leap second", while others, like stock markets, are reportedly quite nervous because millions of dollars could be lost during …
2day FM · 50 minutes ago
Market bears have been more or less incorrect when they predicted that the stock would collapse in the same fashion ... however and one would require either a leap of faith or strong performance-based drivers for the … · 12 hours ago