Somewhat fitting I guess that just as everyone scrambles to go macro, stock picking seems to be working. On what basis do I say this? Look at the index of implied correlation of the elements of the S&P, to start with. The implied correlation amongst S&P ... · 12/24/2012
“The market has been focused front-and-center on earnings, and it’s been a mixed bag. Rather than an overall, macro stock market, it’s now more company by company.” Companies from Apple to International Business Machines Corp and Microsoft …
Gulf Times · 7/26/2015
From a friend who is a client: Here are a couple of things I have been pondering. Market capitalization is pretty fictitious. It assumes that all the shares of a company are worth the price at which the last block sold. However, if you tried to sell all of ...
istock Analyst · 7/27/2015
NEW DELHI: Extending losses for the fourth straight day, gold prices declined by another Rs 95 to Rs 30,330 per ten gram in the national capital on sustained selling by stockists amid weak global trend on Friday. Silver followed suit and lost another Rs ...
Times of India · 3/22/2014
This past week in the daily blog posts I did a good bit on macro analysis on the markets that I thought were worth repeating this weekend. I am only reprinting a portion of the work, but I have provided the links to the full pieces if you wish to read them ... · 11/17/2014
A few years ago, shortly after Marissa Mayer joined Yahoo, Flickr did away with their paid pro account. Existing pros could keep this distinction (and pay for it) and were grandfathered, but new pro accounts could not be opened. Announcing that decision ... · 7/24/2015
Joseph joined FT Alphaville way back in March 2010. He likes all the politically and legally fiddly bits of finance. He also likes credit, rates, global macro, tail risk, and all that stuff. (You should email him story ideas. He’ll take anything ...
Financial Times · ByJoseph Cotterill · 5/20/2010
Not quite, say the principals of Positive Delta Asset Management, an investment firm in Los Angeles that manages capital through global macro strategies and runs a strategy on Wealthfront. CEO Donald Kim and CIO Andi Kim (same last name, but unrelated.)
Yahoo News · 8/1/2011
At its meeting today, the Board decided to leave the cash rate unchanged at 3.25 per cent. Global growth is forecast to be a little below average for a time. Risks to the outlook are still seen to be on the downside, largely as a result of the situation ... · 11/6/2012
As one of the nation’s leading agricultural field days, Commonwealth Bank AgQuip is recognised as a collective centre of innovation for the rural sector. “Australian farmers are recognised as world leaders in best practice and efficiency,” said Barry ...
The Land · 8/6/2012