citing the recent appreciation in the stock’s value as a rationale. That said, the pizza chain has also been outperforming rivals like Yum Brands Inc.’s (NYSE: YUM) Pizza Hut and McDonalds Corporation (NYSE: MCD) due to its digital investments that ...
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It has a lower price point: The average check size at McDonalds is about $5 while a Shake Shack meal ... The Deal Professor column on Wednesday, comparing the stock valuation of McDonald’s with that of Shake Shack and other premium hamburger …
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In the second quarter ended June 30, McDonald’s posted net income of $1,202.4 million, equal to $1.26 per share on the common stock, down 13% from $1,387.1 million, or $1.40 per share, in the prior-year period.
Baking Business · 7/24/2015
McDonald's later expanded the pilot to 134 restaurants in Nashville ... “We've got so many products in our stock room, you'd think we were Wal-Mart,” says one franchisee who declines to be named. Some stores …
Crain's Chicago Business · 7/25/2015
day breakfast
Larry McDonald, head of the U.S. Macro Strategies group at Societe Generale, said on CNBC. Consequently, with the Fed repeating its stance, a number of market observers are looking back at yield-generating stocks.
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In the past few months, McDonald's has attempted different strategies like cutting ... an important jump from the stock market's expectations of $1.02 billion for the period.
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Burger King
McDonald is chief investment strategist of Northern Trust and Phillips is the firm’s investment strategist. Sanford Carton, an investment analyst, also contributed to this commentary.
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Slow Growth
McDonald’s Corp. (NYSE: MCD) traded up 1.47% at $97.20. The stock’s 52-week range is $87.62 to $1101.67. Trading volume was about 40% below the daily average of around 6 million. The company is planning to upsize its quarter pounder. Merck & …
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NEW YORK — U.S. stocks are opening slightly higher following some earnings gains at big U.S. companies. Investment bank Morgan Stanley and oil company Halliburton were up sharply in early trading Monday after …
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only 20 percent of the stock would remain. But instead of a dude’s dude like Morgan Spurlock chowing down on All-American fries, burgers and plus-size soft drinks packed with empty calories to gauge the effects of a …
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