There's not many stocks that can post revenue and profit declines ... $150 million and its EV up to about $1.2 billion (assuming $100 million paid to partner MGM Resorts & Entertainment (NYSE:MGM), and the assumption of $85 million in debt).
Seeking Alpha · ByVince Martin · 5/30/2015
Value managers, who seek out the market's cheapest stocks, have favored companies such as ExxonMobil (XOM) and Wells Fargo(WFC) (WFC) rather than MGM Resorts International(MGM) (MGM) and E*Trade Financial(ETFCD) (ETFC). It's not hard to …
Inside Fidelity · 5/30/2015
Most hotel CEOs saw bigger pay packages in 2014 with the exception of MGM Resorts CEO James Murren’s small decrease ... heftier compensation came from higher incentive pay, bonuses and stock awards …
Skift · 5/26/2015
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The past week was eventful for casino operators, especially MGM Resorts, as an investment management group stated that MGM’s stock price could double if it were to spin off its real estate assets into a real estate investment trust. Looking at Macau, its ...
Forbes · 3/23/2015
Elsewhere in the Top 10, MGM and Fox 2000’s Poltergeist dove 66% in its 2nd outing ... Something of a pioneer in online stock market and commodities discussion and analysis, Ebeling has been online since 1994.
Live Trading News · 5/31/2015
box office
The Stamford, Connecticut-based money manager had been pressing MGM, the largest casino operator on the Las Vegas Strip, to create a real estate investment trust with its properties to boost its stock price. The firm, led by Jonathan Litt, had nominated ...
Bloomberg · 5/19/2015
An activist investor is pushing MGM Resorts International to take a gamble on its real estate. Land and Buildings, a Connecticut-based activist fund that focuses on such transactions, wants the casino giant to tap into the improving Las Vegas economy by ...
Wall Street Journal · ByDavid Benoit · 3/17/2015
When it comes to short sellers, the Lion isn't taking it lying down. For two weeks, Hollywood studio Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer has been embroiled in a war with short sellers, traders who bet that a stock will fall in price. The company has taken several actions ...
Los Angeles Times · 10/23/1999
That said, it's clear that the benefits to MGM from the historic fight between Mayweather and Pacquaio will not be a recurring revenue driver for the stock. "This fight was a one-time event, one of the biggest ever for Las Vegas," ITG's Jacob said.
CNBC · 5/8/2015
Shares of MGM fell $3.02 to close at $30.23 on the New York Stock Exchange.
Reuters · ByDeena Beasley andRichard Chang · 8/25/2008
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