As a result, the aggregate net proceeds to each holder of MIPS common stock, following the consummation of the previously announced proposed patent sale transaction with Bridge Crossing, LLC, the proposed recapitalization and the proposed acquisition …
Reuters · 2/5/2013
"You go and buy Legend of Zelda and MIPS rings the cash register," Nirenberski said. MIPS has seen its stock price steadily increase from $14 during its initial public offering in June 1998 to its current price of 33.125. Nintendo, now stronger, may be ...
CNET · ByStephen Shankland · 1/14/1999
or 6.2 percent, to close at $5.49 after Starboard's announcement. In aftermarket trading following MIPS' announcement, the stock lost a penny. MIPS Technologies Inc. MIPS Technologies
Yahoo Finance · 9/12/2011
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MIPS Technologies and Starboard Reach Agreement ... MIPS to Add Two New Independent ... which beneficially owns approximately 9.9% of the outstanding shares of MIPS' common stock. Under the agreement, MIPS has agreed to nominate to the MIPS
GlobeNewswire · 10/24/2011
In yesterday’s column, I shared why Intel’s (Nasdaq: INTC) latest patent grab is a sign of more deals to come, not the end of the buying frenzy. I’m not entirely alone in this thinking. In the wake of the announcement, Capstone Investments’ Jeff ...
Trefis · 6/22/2012
... and Imagination Technologies Group plc with net proceeds of approximately $7.31 per share in cash to each holder of MIPS common stock. The total value of the transaction represents a 40% premium to the closing price on April 11, 2012, the day prior to ...
EE Herald · 11/12/2012
will be distributed to MIPS shareholders on a pro-rata basis through a recapitalization of MIPS common stock. "After a thorough review of a wide range of alternatives to enhance shareholder value, our Board of Directors concluded that the best ... · 11/5/2012
As a result of the amendment, the net proceeds to each holder of MIPS common stock following the consummation of the proposed patent sale transaction with Bridge Crossing, the proposed recapitalization and the proposed merger, increased to …
The Street · 1/30/2013
As a consequence, MIPS stock continued its stronge surge and it looks like the acquisition strategy might pay off. After all, if Facebook bought Instagram, a 13 people company without strong IP, how much value holds a sub-150 people company with over … · 4/16/2012
and handful of small cap stock names have been so undeservedly beaten down over the last few months that their current rally efforts are likely to remain in motion for a while. Cytokinetics, Inc. (NASDAQ: CYTK), MIPS Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: MIPS) …
Smallcap Network · ByBryan Murphy · 2/28/2012