Please login or register to post a message on this Share Chat thread. The intermediate shaft sinking will certainly be slower than the rates of TBM advance - this being because the construction method for these is by drill+blast, a method I alluded to in ...
London South East · 8/24/2015
This Intel chart describes the complete specifications for all three P3000 drives very well, and the key takeaways are performance, endurance and warranty. Pricing is also unexpected as we believe that many would have, and may still, grab the P3700 AT $ ... · 7/9/2014
In a world abuzz with talk about global warming, climate change is elbowing aside tech and ... CEO of WilderShares, a company that creates stock indexes that track eco-friendly companies. He says the technology is too immature. Wilder is skeptical about ... · ByAdam Shell andMatt Krantz · 2/28/2007
The set of SRI funds has become broader as well as bigger ... fund in the mid-value group), Leuthold Global Clean Technology (a green fund in the world-stock group), and MMA Praxis Small Cap (a faith-based offering in the small-growth category). · 8/25/2009
2 (formerly NGFF or Next Generation Form Factor) connector and form factor for their products ... Compared to the consumer products, endurance is much higher at a typical 65.7 PBW (petabytes written). The Seagate Nytro XP6209 provides up to 1.86TB of ...
Computer Weekly · 4/28/2015
The perioperative use and relevance of protective ventilation in surgical patients is being increasingly recognized. Obesity poses particular challenges to adequate mechanical ventilation in addition to surgical constraints, primarily by restricted lung ...
Bio Med Central · 9/15/2014